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Overview of Debian and Fedora has an overview article that compares the two big releases in June – Debian GNU/Linux and Fedora Core. From the article:Quote: June saw new releases of two of the world's most significant Linux distributions—Red Hat Inc.'s Fedora Core and Software in the Public Interest Inc.'s Debian—both of which are popular, freely available and capable […]

Debconf in Helsinki July 9th

Time for the next Debconf – gathering of the Deban developers; this time it is in Helsinki, Finland. Read the press release hereand note that Quote: DebConf gathers Free Software developers from countries around the world for a week-long series of intensive development, seminars and workshops.

Windows-evangelist praises Ubuntu

Paul Thurrot, writer for Windows Magazine and the Windows IT Pro site has had a look at Ubuntu and honest as he is, he dares to say that he likes it! In the small review, he acknowledges the slick interface of Gnome and mentions that:Quote: Because Ubuntu is based on the well-regarded Debian Linux distribution, […]

Debian Weekly News – 26/2005

This weeks Debian Weekly News contains multiple new items, amongst others that Branden Robinson officially founded the package policy committee that has the authority to handle the Debian policy manual. Other news items * Release Policy for Etch.* Conflicting Program Names.* Architecture-specific Packages.* TeXlive versus teTeX

Knoppix 4.0 screenshot tour

OSDir have had their hands on the new Knoppix 4.0 DVD and made a bunch of screenshots of it. Enjoy the show here

Ubuntu review at OSJournal

Yet another positive review of Ubuntu Linux – “The biggest feature that sticks out in this release of Ubuntu is ease of use and simplicity.” The short review focus on the benefits for laptop users:Quote: After reviewing Ubuntu 5.04, I am very impressed by the simplicity of the installation process and the default desktop. Not […]

First review of Knoppix 4.0 DVD

There is a new relase of Knoppix for LinuxTag in Germany and version 4.0 comes in two flavours: On DVD and on CD. The difference? Tons of usefull programs! It is reviewed on The short review/blog mentions that Quote: It seemed from the outside like the largest efforts going into Knoppix were just figuring […]

Introduction to SimplyMEPIS

ReviewLinux has yet another article – this time about what SimplyMEPIS is and what you can use it for. Read it for an introduction! The article goes through a lot of topics and ends with a declaration of love to the MEPIS community:Quote: Support and Conclusion There are many forums out there for Linux but […]

Use Ubuntu to rescue data! has a non-technical page about trying Ubuntu LiveCD and discovering that you can use it to rescue data that even WinXP can't access! Impressive During the test to try something new, this happened – Quote: The package arrived at just the right time. The night it was delivered a friend rang with the news […]

Debian 3.1 Review

ReviewLinux has had yet another student reviewing Linux distributions, and this time they have chosen Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 – and their conclusion is pretty clear: “Debian is an awesome Linux distribution” In the non-technical review, they end up concluding that:Quote: Debian is an awesome Linux distribution. You just need to make some minor tweaks in […]

Will Mandriva be Debian-based?

Ian Murdock arguments for that the recent acquisitions by Mandriva are steps in the direction of becomming based on Debian. As he states in the article:Quote: Murdock believes that soon Mandriva will need to continue its strategy of acquiring successful international distributions by incorporating one or more of these Debian-based distributions. For a distribution that […]

Debian weekly news 25/2005

The 25th Debian weekly news is released – this week includes Woody to Sarge upgrades, the legacy of Debian GNU/Linux and embedded Debian. As usual, the entire weekly news can be read here. Also included this week is* Debian Project on Tour* SELinux and BSD Ports* Debian Mini Conference in Japan

Very positive Ubuntu review

ReviewLinux – a new website with the purpose of providing lots of reviews for different Linux distributions, has had their hands at Ubuntu 5.04, calling it “Ubuntu – A New Approach to Desktop Linux” and gives it a 10 out of 10 and recommends it to anyone! The 4-page review can be read here, but […]

Debian Pure

An intersting distribution has seen the light of day! Debian Pure is “a CD that will help newer users with installing a Debian proper system along with common plugins” The purpose of Debian Pure is toQuote: Many variants have been introduced over time such as Ubuntu, Mepis,Knoppix, Progeny, Libranet, and others; although these distributions have […]

Beginners guide to Linux distributions

Tipmonkeys has made a summary about different distributions for beginners, so they can have a look at what's feasable for them. Debian, Ubuntu, Mepis and Knoppix are mentioned. Allthoug Knoppix is mentioned as a minor distribution, there is a great deal about Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu – Quote: The really monumental thing about Debian is […]

Linus Torvalds: Linux 2.6.12

The Linux Kernel 2.6.12 has been released! Linux Today has the story – Quote: The full ChangeLog ended up missing, because I only have the history from 2.6.12-rc2 in my git archives, but if you want to, you can puzzle it together by taking the 2.6.12 changelog and merging it with the -rc1 and -rc2 […]

Boot times for LiveCD's – a small test

FrozenTech has made a little test of boot time for different popular distributions – the winners are Damn Small Linux and Knoppix on the older machine. Read the full story here! For the old machine:Quote: Conclusion:Damn Small Linux booted much quicker than all other distros in this test. It was also suited well after booting, […]

Is there a best distribution

The foks at has written two small articles where they discuss if there is a 'Best Linux distribution' and 'Best distribution for new Linux-users'. Let's just say that they are a bit biased in their suggestions…. In the article about the best Linux distribution they mention Damn Small Linux, Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu as […]

Damn Small Linux updated to 1.2.1

DSL has been updated to version 1.2.1 – it contains a few bugfixes for version 1.2 Read the release note here: Changes for DSL 1.2.1:1. Restored GNU tar command2. Updated xzgv with security patch3. Corrected boot logo screen And the forum post announcing it on DSL's forum.

Debian weekly news 24/2005

The 24th edition of Debian weekly news has hit the web – this time it includes several post-release comments and a suggestion to future release policy change. The key element of this weeks edition are: * Release Policy Changes* C++ ABI Changes* Development of dpkg* Debian Package Customisation* Debian and SELinux …and several other topics, […]

Ian Murdock comments Debian's development

The founder of Debian GNU/Linux comments on NewsForge how he sees the future development and requirements for Debian in order to stay a relevant Linux-distribution. He sees Debian as the common ground for multiple distributions and purposes. The conclusion is that:Quote: Debian's opportunity, then, is to connect the derivatives into the powerful, global force they […]

MEPISLite is born.

The folks at MEPIS has created a lightweight distribution to ease the migration path for Win98 users – MEPISLite. The release announcement says:Quote: MEPISLite is designed for home users with modest hardware and for those who want to use a light-weight version of MEPIS with a MEPIS Traveller Disc. MEPISLite is intended to provide an […]

Damn Small Linux 1.2 review

A rarely-seen review of DSL can be found on Flavio's TechnoTalk, and indeed he likes the king of lightweight-distributions. The review covers mainly positive issues asQuote: The beauty of DSL resides on it’s size, extensibility and flexibility. Traditionally, when you thought of a live CD linux distribution, you thought of a static distribution. DSL is […]

3.1 – now also on AMD64

Shortly after the release of Debian GNU/Linux 3.1, the unofficial AMD64-branch has also been declared stable and released From the announcement:Quote: “Following the 'big' release we have a small one to announce: Debian AMD64 Port is now also declared stable. From now on there will be no changes to this archive, except for point releases […]

Beware when updating your Debian GNU/Linux

Debian developer Bill Allombert warns that there is a risk when updating to Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 Key items are to be concerned about and take actions against are:Quote: Firstly, he said, a lot of problems were caused by software packages dependent upon other software packages, which in turn were dependent on the first lot in […]

Review/analysis of Ubuntu

Tom Adelstein at LX'er has reviewed Ubuntu and made a lot of comments about what Ubuntu is based on and some of the thoughts behind it. The review concludes that:Quote: “Some other interesting factoids I found about Ubuntu include: Ubuntu was developed over six months, with Shuttleworth's personal OSS involvement totaling 10 years. It will […]

Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 reviewed

Newsforge has reviewed Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 – and gives it a relative objective, positive review and indeed “….3.1 is easily the most accessible version of Debian ever released.” They conclude that “To say that Debian is no longer just for geeks would be an exaggeration. All the same, if version 3.1 is any indication, that's […]

Damn Small Linux 1.2 released

The wonder of slim distributions, Damn Small Linux, has been released in a version 1.2 and still is a pleasure to install on old, under-specced computers. From the release notes: Changes for DSL 1.2:— New .dslrc to save local mirror and protocol.— New GUI Mirror selector for .dslrc, Apps->Tools->Mirror Selector— Enhanced mydsl boot time option […]

Distribution of the week

Debian GNU/Linux is featured as “Distribution of the week” at Distrowatch – about time! You won't find much new in the featurette, but as there is some time between releases, we should all enjoy the moment! Enjoy the read here at Distrowatch!

Screenshots of Sarge

OSDir has created a screenshot tour of Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 – Enjoy the show at OSDir.

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