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Beware when updating your Debian GNU/Linux

Debian developer Bill Allombert warns that there is a risk when updating to Debian GNU/Linux 3.1
Key items are to be concerned about and take actions against are:

Firstly, he said, a lot of problems were caused by software packages dependent upon other software packages, which in turn were dependent on the first lot in a cycle known as “circular dependencies”. This would create problems installing or upgrading either bunch.

Also, key software installation tools 'apt' and 'aptitude' depended heavily on the C++ software library, which made them difficult to upgrade if the library changed. Compounding the problem, the tools needed to upgraded before most other software packages.

Thirdly the developer said far too many software packages tinkered with configuration files needed during the upgrade.

Allombert finally highlighted what he saw as a deficiency in the thoroughness of Debian's testing of the upgrade process.

Read the entire story at ZDNews or the original mail here.

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