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Damn Small Linux 1.2 review

A rarely-seen review of DSL can be found on Flavio's TechnoTalk, and indeed he likes the king of lightweight-distributions.
The review covers mainly positive issues as

The beauty of DSL resides on it’s size, extensibility and flexibility. Traditionally, when you thought of a live CD linux distribution, you thought of a static distribution. DSL is flexible and can use any available read write media to save customizations and additions.



The good:

* Small footprint
* Very easy installation in a Hard Drive
* Don’t even need to reboot your machine to run it
* Good wireless cards support
* Runs fine in old hardware

Not so good:

* Slow when running in embedded mode (as a virtual machine, on top of another Operating System). This is not really DSL’s fault: emulation comes at a cost.

Read the full review here!

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