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Review/analysis of Ubuntu

Tom Adelstein at LX'er has reviewed Ubuntu and made a lot of comments about what Ubuntu is based on and some of the thoughts behind it.
The review concludes that:

“Some other interesting factoids I found about Ubuntu include:

Ubuntu was developed over six months, with Shuttleworth's personal OSS involvement totaling 10 years.

It will always be free of charge, renewed every six months and will never contain any proprietary software, other than some temporary binary drivers for some hardware.

It supports Intel x86 architecture, Apple's Power PC (G4, G5 and PowerBooks) as well as AMD's 64-bit extension architecture.

Its installer is text-based and features improvements of simplicity over Debian.

The applications bundled with it are a spartan mix of “tried and tested” office productivity ware, basic accessories and games, Web applications such as e-mail, Internet, VoIP and terminal server, multimedia and others – but there is an online repository of 4,000 more.

It is freely downloadable and customizable – even the packaging and branding.

Ubuntu is free software including all applications on the CD

Ubuntu comes free of charge – so it's free software as in freedom and it's free as in free beer

Ubuntu also provides free security updates for 18 months after each release

With releases scheduled for every six months, Ubuntu allows users to upgrade to the latest desktop and kernel and infrastructure with each new release. “

Read the review here.

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