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South Tyrol, here I come!

Time for we won't update for the next 1½ week while we enjoy an off-line vacation! Sure, it'll be hard to be away from my site and the net (and my email!) for more than week, but I hope I can survive..See you back here on August 2nd with more news about Debian, […]

DCC still going strong

Insiders (rumors?) tells that the efforts to create the Debian Core Consortium are still going well. has the story, that the discussions still are ongoing and thatQuote: The group still plans to make its official announcement at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo in San Francisco in early August. In the meantime, discussions continue, mostly […]

Debian Project machine downtime

The Debian hosts and will both be unavailable until after the weekend. As reported on Debian Administration and the mailinglists, those two hosts wil be down for the weekend. Debian Administration sums it nicely together:Quote: This means that there will be: * No new packages added to the Debian pools. * No ability […]

Debian on a Linksys NSLU2 anyone?

Have you ever thought of installing Debian GNU/Linux on a Linksys Network Storage Link? Well, Peter has – and then he did it. LinuxDevices mentions it, but you can see the whole story at Peter Korsgaard's homepage. I can hear you say why?Quote: Why would anyone want to do this? Packaged software: There already exist […]

Ubuntu on ThinkPad T41

A small article about how CheckInstall ensures that Hoary Hedgehog works fine with a Thinkpad. From the small article on Ubuntu Linux 5.04, aka Hoary Hedgehog, initially won my heart when I discovered that it could send my ThinkPad T41 into hibernation without the extensive tinkering that my previously most-favored distribution (Fedora Core) required. […]

Status of Breezy Badger (Ubuntu)

If you'd like to have a look at the current status of all requirements going into the next version of Ubuntu, there's a page for it. On Ubuntu downunder/Breezy Goals you can see how work on the next release is progressing. They are currently working on 152 requirements, and it's good thing that there are […]

Knoppix has it covered

With access to 50,000 free programs, why bother with a system that only comes with 50, asks The Guardian! The article is more like a presentation of Knoppix, but is nontheless fun: Quote: Some may fret that the applications are frozen on the disc, doomed to obsolescence, but Knoppix has this covered. It takes advantage […]

Debian weekly news 29/2005

This weeks Weekly news from the mailing lists focus on fun&serious from the DebConf 5 and preparations for the next development cycle. Debian Weekly News #29 — July 19th, 2005 Welcome to this year's 29th issue of DWN, the weekly newsletter for the Debian community. By the time that this issue is released, this year's […]

Review of Debian 3.1 has received a review of Debian GNU/Linux from a beginners point of view – and it gets 9/10! Allthough the English language isn't natural for the writer, he concludes:Quote: The Conclusion Debian is an awesome Linux distribution. You just need to make some minor tweaks in order to use it for Desktop use because […]

Distrowatch comments the changes to Sid

In the Distrowatch Weekly, they comment the exiting changes to Sid as well as the move to and where to get proprietary and non-free packages! Enjoy the show here!Quote: Debian unstable on the move Following the recent stable release of Debian sarge, the distribution's cutting edge “unstable” (“sid”) branch has been getting many interesting […]

Ubuntu Lite – Ubuntu for your old machine

Another derivative of Ubuntu, Ubuntu Lite, attempts to make Linux life on older machines easier. Distrowatch mentions it, but you find more information on it's home page:Quote: The primary purpose of this page is to develop a useable linux distribution that can run on legacy hardware. The project has been developed for the purposes of […]

Mini-review of Ubuntu Hoary

As a kind of review Ubuntu has been installed for the reviewers Dad to see what happends! The result is satisfactory – Quote: My chief complaint involves packages, and it's not necessarily a Ubuntu-specific problem. I tend to be fairly anal about updating software, and the packages in some of the repositories, especially unofficial packages, […]

Staffing up for Etch

Andreas Barth and the Debian team is looking for new release assistants. Hi all, the development cycle for etch just started off. We would like to bring newpeople into the loop for etch now to better distribute the workload, and lookout for new release assistants. Quoting from Anthony's mail from spring 2003[1], this are (still) […]

Kernel released

The newest version of the Linux kernel has been released. Download it here Or read the changelog: commit 84d9ba1c2ec7ca62680d16b9786f545182c8d9f1Author: Greg KH Date: Fri Jul 15 14:18:57 2005 -0700 Linux commit b4a3c2ae79b275a58192f418aa33f156fb648f38Author: Wen-chien Jesse Sung Date: Thu Jun 30 11:42:10 2005 +0800 [PATCH] fix semaphore handling in __unregister_chrdev_region This up() should be down() instead. Signed-off-by: […]

Debian: Living in Interesting Times has an article that Ubuntu and Debian Core Consortium developments take the distro in unexpected directions. The article comments the possible directions and future of Debian Core consortium – Quote: Time will tell whether DCC ends up going anywhere. After watching UnitedLinux fall apart, and waiting all year for UserLinux to go somewhere, I'm […] now in Debian Unstable

Debian has made the transition to the installation of the X11 Window system. If you're running sid/etch you are able to upgrade. The friends at debian-administration has written a guide for you to make the switch. And before you do, rememberQuote: Before starting the upgrade to it's important to do two things: * […]

Damn Small Linux 1.3 released

The title says it all – there's a new small wonder released! Enjoy the changelog:Lots of changes for 1.3!1. Created an Icon layout manager for xtdesk.2. Improved icon and menu persistence with extensions.3. Created a GUI date/time tool. System>Set Date Time4. Created a frugal grub install script.5. Replaced rxvt with aterm and added transparency xshell […]

How to go from Sid to Sarge

DebianHelp has made an excellent article about how to move from Sid/Unstable to Sarge/Stable. As they mention:Quote: This article will outline some of the details of that move and how easy it was for those that have never gone through such a move. If you're an experienced GNU/Linux user, you're invited to share your own […]

What is Debian Core Consortium?

Several companies are banding together to form the DCC in order to use it as a base for enterprise solutions. Allthough Mandriva and TurboLinux seems to have withdrawn, Ian Murdock continues with several other companies to form the DCC – Quote: “Essentially, you can imagine that any organization that's interested in making Debian more viable […]

Ian Murdock on Ubuntu Foundation

Ian Murdock comments Ubuntu Foundation and how it can relate to the Debian Core Consortium – and it doesn't relate very good. You can read the blog entry at ZDNet here, and notice that Mr. Murdock is quoted for saying:Quote: Debian is increasingly just another upstream source for them. Personally, I think this is a […]

Debian weekly news 28/2005

The 28th edition of Debian Weekly news has arrived – the main topic is news from this years Debian Conference. —————————————————————————Debian Weekly News Weekly News – July 12th, 2005————————————————————————— Welcome to this year's 28th issue of DWN, the weekly newsletter forthe Debian community. Bill Allombert [1]called for arm porters tosupport the [2]ARM port of Debian. […]

Distrowatch follows up on Debian security

In the DistroWatch Weekly newsletter, they follow up on the recent security issues – concluding that they are now solved. As the article “Sarge security problems solved” refers to the press release mentioned prevoiusely on Debian-News there's not much new in it beyond the new $420 donation to Debian…..

Ubuntu Foundation and Debian

ZDNet has had a critical look at where Debian fits into the new Ubuntu Foundation, as it wasn't mentioned in the recent announcement. As they comment in the article:Quote: Finally, I asked why Debian wasn't mentioned in the announcement, and if there were plans to coordinate more actively with the Debian project to make the […]

More Debian on USB

Debian-administration has made a simple procedure for installing Debian GNU/Linux onto a USB key flash media. It includes several configuration changes but tries to stay as close to a default debian install as possible. This is useful for administrators that need to carry sensitive information or people concerned about their privacy. Read the entire story […]

Winter School in GNU/Linux as a Tool for Science

A winter-school starting today in South-Africa with the aim of encouraging the use of open software for math and science researchers. Naturally they use Ubuntu! Quote: Groenewald says the course will begin with each attendee installing a copy of Ubuntu Linux with a variety of open source mathematical and scientific applications that they will then […]

Using USB Flash Drives in Debian

DebianHELP has made a small guide how to use USB flash drives in Debian. The brief article is very detailed in the steps so that newbies don't get lost. Quote: Using USB Flash Drives in Debian This brief article describes how to use a USB flash drive in Debian. It is very detailed in the […]

Ubuntu Foundation!

“Ubuntu Foundation” has been created with US$10m to help support Ubuntu and employ core Ubuntu developers, help distinguish the commercial support and certification from the community-based nature of much of Ubuntu's work and has the introduction of longer-term supported releases. It is commented at,,Tectonic, /. and OSDir. The original press release:LAUNCH OF $10m UBUNTU […]

Debian for the Enterprise!

Sources close to Mandriva, Progeny and Turbolinux say the trio of companies will be announcing a new enterprise Linux distribution based on Debian Linux at the LinuxWorld event in San Francisco in August. It looks like Ubuntu will get a new rival in the Autumn, if we are to believe According to one vendor […]

Debian addresses security issues

The Debian GNU/Linux project has quickly responded to the recent security problems, reports ZDNet The article mentions that:Quote: “There were several issues with the security infrastructure after the release of Sarge [aka Debian 3.1] that led to the Debian security team being unable to issue updates to vulnerable packages. These issues have been fully resolved, […]

Project Leader Report for 2005-07-07

Branden Robinson, Project leader for Debian GNU/Linux has written his third report and comments on Sarge Release, Status of Security Support for Released Distributions, Delegation activities, Hosting needed for and and several other topics. From: Branden Robinson / Debian Project Leader To: debian-devel-announce-AT-lists.debian.orgSubject: Debian Project Leader report for 2005-07-07Date: Thu, 7 Jul 2005 […]

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