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Ubuntu Foundation and Debian

ZDNet has had a critical look at where Debian fits into the new Ubuntu Foundation, as it wasn't mentioned in the recent announcement.
As they comment in the article:

Finally, I asked why Debian wasn't mentioned in the announcement, and if there were plans to coordinate more actively with the Debian project to make the two distributions more compatible. Here's what Hill had to say:

We're absolutely committed to working with Debian. I'm a Debian developer and an active one at that. :) Along those lines, I have organized a round table on derived distribution at Debconf next week. Ian Murdock's suggestions around binary compatibility may not be embraced. Ian seems to overlook the fact that with three different distributions, Debian is not even binary compatible with *itself.* We will pursue interoperability with Debian and with other distributions on the source level and we'll pursue on the binary level with LSB and similar initiatives. This accomplishes all of Murdock's goals — although not his exact prescription. :)

Read the rest of the story here.

The article mentions that it will be continued tomorrow with Ian Murdock's comments.

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