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Mini-review of Ubuntu Hoary

As a kind of review Ubuntu has been installed for the reviewers Dad to see what happends!
The result is satisfactory –

My chief complaint involves packages, and it's not necessarily a Ubuntu-specific problem. I tend to be fairly anal about updating software, and the packages in some of the repositories, especially unofficial packages, tend to fall behind. For example, I installed Liferea, a feed reader, and found it was version 0.9.0 while 0.9.3 is current. MPlayer and the mplayerplug-in are also behind, and even Firefox, while patched for security, is behind. I only discovered the latter while trying to install an extension.

However, the package issue is not enough to kill the deal for me, so Ubuntu will likely grace my desktop for the foreseeable future. I highly recommend you give it a try.

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