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Ubuntu Lite – Ubuntu for your old machine

Another derivative of Ubuntu, Ubuntu Lite, attempts to make Linux life on older machines easier.
Distrowatch mentions it, but you find more information on it's home page:

The primary purpose of this page is to develop a useable linux distribution that can run on legacy hardware. The project has been developed for the purposes of computer recycling in mind. Our targeted minimum specifications are a P200MHZ, 64mb ram and around 2GB HDD space. The distribution must not be bigger then 600MB to be compatible with legacy CD Rom drives. This is not another DSL (damn small linux), Puppy Linux or Beatrix. These projects are constrained to small media sizes and are worthwhile checking out if you are interested in a distro for that purpose. The three goals of our distribution are:
1) That Ubuntu lite is fully useable and Humane. It's target audience is high school students and Refugees. That it is easy to use by our target audience but supports the applications that they want.
2) To have a working and hardware compliant distribution for legacy machines that is easy to install and configure.
3) That the Distribution runs fast on these machines so that it is useable for day to day purposes. To this end the minimum specifications will not rise and optimisation for coding efficiency will be sought.

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