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Damn Small Linux 1.4 released

With lots of changes from the not-so-old 1.3, DLS version 1.4 has arrived!
The release notes contain all the goodies:

Changes for 1.4:
1. Added “minimal” boot option – will use Minimal theme
2. Added “lowram” boot command, this is not an option parameter use instead of “dsl” like fb800x600. This will boot with most “options” turned off and use the new “minimal” option.
3. Moved desktop doc apps from tools and wmix from xmms to the desktop section of the menu.
4. pppdial now has its own wmnet
5. Added “Upgrade to GNU Utilites” to the menu tools section. This also does an md5sum check on the download and install of gnu-utils.dsl
6. Upgraded the dpkg-restore script to now md5sum check the download before proceeding with the installation.
7. Removed the “Enhance” option from the hard drive install script. Now, use, instead the new menu option to upgrade.
8. New “install” boot command. Based somewhat on lowram, boots to a CLI installation menu.
9. New dslinstall CLI menu, for hard drive, frugals, pendrives, floppies
10. New mkfloppy script used in the above and now also on the fluxbox menu
11. Re-organized “tools” section of fluxbox menu.
12. Fixed the emelfm bug causing disabling of some icons. Fixed now, with updates to .emelfm/buttons and .emelfm/filetypes
13. New F3 screen displays new boot commands and options.
14. Added new Wallpaper/Background selector GUI. Desktop > Wallpapers
15. Cleaned up bashburnrc leftovers
16. Removed Xcrusier, XPacman, & Toys
17. Added Ace of Penguins: Canfield,Freecell,Golf,Mastermind,Minesweeper,Pegged,Solitaire,Taipedit,Taipei,Thornq
18. Enhanced “frugal” installs giving dsl user write access to /cdrom
19. Fixed dsl-embedded (Qemu) to allow uci type extensions.
20. Fixed dynamic extension icon display on hard drive installs.
21. Fixed emelfm toolbar open xterm bug.
22. Dropped wmxmms.
23. Added new DSL xmms skin.
24. Updated “Getting Started”

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