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Kubuntu interview

Distrowatch has interviewed Jonathan Riddell about the Kubuntu distribution (Ubuntu with KDE instead of Gnome).
A snip from the interview:

DW: Kubuntu is essentially a project that brought KDE to Ubuntu. How did it all start? Are you on Canonical's payroll or is Kubuntu a purely volunteer effort?

JR: Sometime last year I blogged about a new super secret project which would become Ubuntu, for a short time I was top hit for “ubuntu linux” in Google. After Warty (the first Ubuntu version) was released Jeff Waugh phoned me up saying they wanted a KDE edition of Ubuntu and shortly after a few of us started working on getting the KDE packages ready.

Kubuntu is a community effort and, just like Ubuntu, a mix of volunteer and paid work. Canonical were kind enough to give me a short contract before the Hoary release and I've got another one for Breezy.

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