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DCCA: What it is, why it matters

Former Debian lead Bruce Perens on the new Debian Common Core: What it is and why it matters. has an article, where Bruce Perens discuss the implications of Debian Core Consortium Alliance:

MP: So tell us what the Debian Common Core Alliance is, and what gap it fills.

BP: I've been hoping for a long time that we would get something like this done. Years ago, I helped found the Linux Standard Base, which is a very health paper standard for Linux, but I personally didn't want it to be just a paper standard. I proposed at that time for all of the Linux distributions to get together and collaborate on standard set of binary packages that would be the base of all Linux distributions, Red Hat, SUSE Novell. There have been a number of efforts since then, the Linux Core Consortium, which unfortunately didn't work out, and some members eventually left, leaving only the members who are interested in Debian.

So what we're doing now is that we have gotten really all but one now of the leading Debian derivative distributions to gather to collaborate on having a common core which we will certify to the Linux Standard Base 3.0. Debian is very close to that standard now. We will have that core be distributed to application creators, so that they can make sure that their application works on the Debian Common Core, and then they will be able to say without doing any additional work that their application works on Linspire, Xandros, SUSE, Mepis, and a number of other derivative distributions that are named in our press kit. Currently, Ubuntu is not a member, but I believe that if you certify to this DCC platform, it should work on Ubuntu also.

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