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Newbie Adventures in Knoppix

A Linux-newbie goes exploring Knoppix and discovers that it is both fun and easy!
The story is on Groklaw:

I'm a decidedly ordinary person, certainly no tech guru, not a programmer, or a scientist, nor particularly well-educated……

I am an older woman (yes, a grandmother many times over), and I have deadlines that I must meet without fail. Excuses like “Windows ate my last assignment” are not acceptable when the publisher has printing deadlines of their own to meet. It's a good way to lose a contract job, which is why it was very important to me, early on, to learn how to take care of my computer systems and maintain as secure, stable and dependable work tools as possible.

…….I've been impressed and happily surprised at how much fun it has been to use and learn Knoppix and other Linux software. Even with my systems that have a lot of old hardware (which would be all of them), I've been amazed at how much is recognized immediately when I experiment with installing different operating systems. So far I like SuSE the best, but I still have a few hardware issues to work out with it. I have Mandriva on one spare hard drive, and it was pretty easy to install, and now I have Knoppix on another. I'm still running Windows 2KPro on my main system, but I I am slowly whittling away at the need to have it at all.

So if you think it's too hard for you, think again, and give Knoppix a whirl, ideally before you need to use it as a rescue vehicle. If I can do it, anyone can. And that's the truth.

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