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Debian consortium takes on Novell, Red Hat

An article about that the DCCA has the possibility to pull customers from the two/three big Linux providers.
The article is in Linuxworld:

If the Alliance is successful, it could unite the fragmented Debian market and shore up Debian's position as the third pillar of a tripartite universe of enterprise Linux. It could also give disgruntled customers the confidence they need to walk away from those troublesome support contracts with the other two big names.

But Perens was quick to point out that it's not a horserace, and that Debian, Red Hat, and Suse are actually all working toward the same goal. “There's no reason to work against each other,” he said, adding, “I'd rather work against Microsoft.”

Indeed, if there was any downside to the presentation, it was the fact that Ubuntu — the Debian-based distribution founded by South African dot-com billionaire Mark Shuttleworth that's proven wildly popular since it launched in October 2004 — had declined to participate. That led me to wonder: Are we witnessing the beginnings of a new Debian standards skirmish — the DCC Alliance's formal standard versus Ubuntu's de facto one?

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