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3rd Ubuntu conference

The 3rd Ubuntu conference is now scheduled for 30 Oct – 10 Nov 2005 in Montreal, Canada – especially the “Ubuntu Love Day” sounds promising!
Canonical is proud to announce the third Ubuntu conference! Most
people who made it to Sydney and Mataró can vouch for the fact that it
was an intense, productive and fun experience for everyone.

Here are the things you need to know:

–> What: Ubuntu Below Zero
–> Where: Montreal, Canada
–> When: 30 Oct – 10 Nov 2005 (important schedule details on the wiki)
–> Who: Open to the Public

Trying to organize an even better event, the conference will be
structured a little differently this time and will be broken down like

OCT30 -> Ubuntu Love Day (Interesting to Everyone)
OCT31-NOV05 -> Ubuntu/Launchpad Developer Summit (Interesting
Primarily to Ubuntu and Launchpad Developers)
NOV07-NOV10 -> Launchpad Development Summit Cont'd (Interesting
Primarily to Launchpad Hackers)

Folks from the community should definitely come on October 30th. The
rest of the conference is going to be focused around developers
brainstorming and writing specifications.

While all are welcome at all points, everyone should expect to
contribute in a hands on manner to the technical direction of Ubuntu
and Launchpad if you're there after Love Day. Also, we would
appreciate being told in advance if you will attend. There is
information at the link below on how to do this.

While there's not a huge amount of information online, everything we
do have is here or linked from this wiki page:

As we get more information, we will be updating that page.

Like the previous conferences, there is a limited amount of money for
sponsorship. Anyone is welcome to apply for sponsorship although we
will give preference to people who are active, visible, and known in
the community and who are from the general geographical area. Our
conferences move around globally so it's folks in the Americas that
will get precedent this time. More information on sponsorship linked
from the conference page. All requests for sponsorship must be made no
later than September 11th.

Any specific questions not answered on that page can be directed to


– Benjamin Mako Hill |
– ubuntu-announce mailing list

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