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Damn Small Linux 1.4 released

With lots of changes from the not-so-old 1.3, DLS version 1.4 has arrived! The release notes contain all the goodies:Quote: Changes for 1.4:1. Added “minimal” boot option – will use Minimal theme2. Added “lowram” boot command, this is not an option parameter use instead of “dsl” like fb800x600. This will boot with most “options” turned […]

PCBurn reviews Hoary

PCBurn has had a thorough (4 pages!) look at Ubuntu Hoary and has several comments about its useability as well as suggestions for improvements. The positive review concludes that:Quote: Ubuntu's largest flaw is the lack of a clean installer. Users are required to partition drives and configure settings through a slightly dated Ncurses (text) based […]

Get Debian to boot faster has another excellent and simple guide to get your Debian to boot faster (that one time each year you have to boot it). As they mention it in the article:Quote: Several people have written guides on booting Debian systems faster. Most of these involve reordering initscripts, and other significant changes. There is a much […]

6th DebConf a succes

More than 300 people enjoyed a presentation about the large-scale deployment of 80,000 Debian workstations in Extramadura, Spain, along with several talks about popular Debian derivatives such as Skolelinux and Ubuntu. ————————————————————————The Debian Project Conference ends in Success press@debian.orgJuly 24th, 2005———————————————————————— Sixth Debian Developers' Conference ends in Success More than 300 people attended […]

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