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Ubuntu carves niche in Linux landscape

How and why did Ubuntu become so popular so fast, wonders c*net in this interesting article. You can read the full story here, but here's a snipplet:Quote: It's not easy building a new version of Linux and establishing a large following. But with the Ubuntu project, one team of programmers has managed to do just […]

Installing Debian

LinuxDevCenter has made a 4-page walkthrougn and review of the Debian GNU/Linux installation. Plenty of screens, plenty of text and lots of positive words about Debian starts here.Quote: The experience of installing Debian can vary widely depending on your hardware and requirements. There simply isn't room here to provide a comprehensive installation guide. Instead, you'll […]

Shuttleworth buys into ImpiLinux

Mark Shuttleworth has invested in ImpiLinux, who in the future will base their distribution on the Ubuntu Linux platform.Updated with two more articles about the venture. Here's where the story's from:Quote: Impi will offer additional commercial functionality not available in Ubuntu, as well as localisation for the South African marketplace. Impi will initially be available […]

Tutorial for setting up a firewall with Debian has made a detailed tutorial of how to setup a firewall with Debian – it isn't quite finished yet, though. The content for the tutorial is listed here. A quick word from the introduction:Quote: Why Debian? Ultimately it comes down to personal preference. Most any Linux distribution will work. I've built firewall systems with […]

MEPISLite 3.3.2 Test01 has better hardware compatibility

MEPISLite 3.3.2-test01 is available in the testing subdirectory at the MEPIS Subscriber's Site and public mirrors. This release includes the pr2 version of the upcoming DCC base kernel. Update: comments it too. Read the announcement here. Quote: The 2.6 kernel was updated because performance and compatibility with this kernel has been excellent. Also this […]

Ubuntu perhaps not soo bad at all?

Libervis has made a follow-up on their critical discussion of Ubuntu. They seem more balanced in the arguments this time and is quite positive on Ubuntu. The article is a follow-up on this one. and you can enjoy it here. Here's a good example from it:Quote: Fork or not? According to the current results of […]

Debian Weekly News 39/05

We have yet another DWN, this week with notes on Collecting Boot Data, Support for Libc Version 5 and Common Packaging Errors. —————————————————————————Debian Weekly News Weekly News – September 27th, 2005————————————————————————— Welcome to this year's 39th issue of DWN, the weekly newsletter forthe Debian community. Ben Hutchings [1]announced the availability ofvideo DVDs of the [2]DebConf […]

Kicking Linux's tires

As a kind of checking out Linux, LinuxWorld uses Ubuntu to show what a Linux system can do. The check is done here.Quote: Since we do our darnedest to make every page of PC World engaging to our readers, I'm out to craft a Linux column that might prove relevant to those who are still […]

Debian Darmstadt QA meeting

Andreas Barth has published the minutes from the latest QA meeting, including topics on Mass package removal, QA and Security and New Maintainers – New help or new problems? Hi all, We had a very productive QA Team Meeting in Darmstadt from the 9th tothe 11th of September[1]. The participants had a lot of fruitfuldiscussions […]

From Hoary to Breezy

PCWorld has updated an IBM Thinkpad running Hoary to Breezy – and documented what happened in the process! *Almost* only good things! The event can be found here!Quote: I had harbored fervent hopes that the Breezy Badger would have better support for wireless networking. I've been kvetching in this space for more than a year […]

Compare installation of Ubuntu and Windows

Ante Karamatic has installed Ubuntu and WinXP Pro on his Dell Inspiron 8600 and describes the differences of a plain Windows XP installtion and a plain Ubuntu OS installation. Please note that he may be biased towards Ubuntu – read the analysis here. Quote: As you can see, Ubuntu is better in support out of […]

Video, Audio and Slides from Debian meetings

Ever wondered how those Debian developers look like and how they present stuff. Well, your wait is over – the meetings archive is up and running! Hi, I'm pleased to announce the permanent availability of an archive in which Debian can preserve materials (video, audio, slides, example code used, etc.) gathered, used at or derived […]

Will Andrew Morton be overworked?

Linus Torvalds is concerned that the way the Linux production kernel is maintained could cause its cheif maintainer to burn out – has the story. Read about working too much on the Linux kernel here.Quote: At present, all patches are first merged with a code branch maintained by Morton, called the -mm tree, before […]

What's where on a Linux system has made a nice little guide to the different directories on a Debian GNU/Linux-system. Find the article here. Quote: If you've ever been confused at all the directories present within your Linux system here is a quick overview of the directories in common use, and what they contain.

Distrowatch comments Ubuntu colours and names!

They say it themselves: “…we finally managed to uncover two major problems with Ubuntu; these are (in order of importance): 1. Ubuntu naming scheme, 2. Ubuntu default colours.” Read about the massive problems of finding something bad about Ubuntu! Quote: As many of our regular readers know, we maintain a list of what we consider […]

How to setup Ubuntu as a server

Most people think of Ubuntu as a pretty desktop – but this article describes how to set it up as web server (SSL-capable), mail server (with SMTP-AUTH and TLS), DNS server, FTP server, MySQL server, POP3/POP3s/IMAP/IMAPs, Quota and firewall. The six-page article with Hoary starts here Quote: This is a detailed description about the steps […]

Ubuntu: derivative or fork?

On there is a very interesting article about the relationship between Ubuntu and Debian – and why it is so. Please note that it is based on the authors opinion and is part of the ongoing debate whether Ubuntu is good for Debian. Read the interesting thing here. Quote: There is even worse. When […]

KNOPPIX 4.0.2 released

A bugfix version of Knoppix has been released – 4.0.2 has arrived. Read the changelog here:Quote: * V4.0.2-2005-09-23 (bugfix release)– Updated unionfs to 20050921-1507 with stability patches– Fixed “noeject” and “noprompt” boot options– Fixed “xdepth=” boot option– Fixed permissions of /usr/bin/cdrecord*– Fixed knoppix-terminalserver library problem– Fixed knoppix-terminalserver shutdown-after-NFS-umount– Fixed translation error of “Festplatte” in english […]

Massive work effort on Debian

We should salute David Moreno Garza and his team for their huge effort on the Work-Needing and Prospective Packages! Read his announcement of what they have achieved. Hello, In these last days, some work has been done in the Work-Needing andProspective Packages front. Three massive closings were done within the RFP (request for package)and ITP […]

Ubuntu Colony CD5 released

The last milestone before next release of Ubuntu has been met: Ubuntu Colony CD 5 has been released. The announcement is here. The downloads can be found here. Quote: Significant installer changes since the Breezy preview release include: * Fix a cdebconf bug that made translations of the timezone and aptconfiguration dialogs disappear, and restore […]

Dealing with troublesome package upgrades or removals

Debian-Administratin has taken up a subject that I'm sure many of you have had issues with – when you have a package which you cannot upgrade, remove, or install due to scripting errors. Enjoy the guide here! Quote: There are times when you have a package which you cannot upgrade, remove, or install due to […]

A first look at Ubuntu Breezy

TecTonic has had a look at the Badger, and “…Overall, I'm impressed but not amazed by Breezy. ” The review is found here. Quote: The office suite used is 2.0 Beta. It's a shame that the final version won't be out in time for Breezy. takes just as long to open up as […]

Debian developers ponder trademark changes

Following up on Branden Robinsons comments regarding Debian trademark change, ZDNet and puts it in perspective and a bit more detail. Branden's original comment was collected in the DWN, week 38. ZDNet's article can be found here.:Quote: Debian's current trademark policy states that businesses can use the Debian trademark if they make a CD […]

Three Ethical Moments in Debian

E. Gabrielle Coleman has made a detailed examination of ethical cultivation as it occurs in the Debian project. From the abstract of the article (download):: Quote: Thus far, much of the literature on free and open source software (F/OSS) production has been heavily focused on the question of motivation or incentive mechanisms and has tended […]

9 stars Breezy Badger

“In a world that rates life by the number of stars, UBUNTU deserves 9 stars on a scale of 10. ” That's how concludes this Breezy review. Enjoy it here. And they comment Sarge too:Quote: While the beta had a few rough edges, the Preview Release has been polished and is now nearing finished […]

MEPISLite on old computers installed MEPISLite on a system with an 800MHz Via processor, 128MB of RAM. This system barely ran Windows ME, and cried like a beaten dog at the thought on running Windows XP. Read the full story here:Quote: There are many distributions out there that run off USB devices. However, the MEPIS family is the […]

Skubuntu- for African schools

Yet another derivative of Ubuntu has arrived. Features range from thin client support, to customised graphics, to learning applications like KDE Edutainment suite and gcompris. This article describes it all.Quote: Carter stresses that there is no “official relationship” between Skubuntu and Edubuntu — the official education add-on for Ubuntu that was recently released in beta. […]

Debian weekly news 38/2005

The 38th edition of DWN is here: Volunteer Participation in Debian, removing non-free Documentation, honouring the Release Team Work and much more. —————————————————————————Debian Weekly News Weekly News – September 20th, 2005————————————————————————— Welcome to this year's 38th issue of DWN, the weekly newsletter forthe Debian community. David Moreno Garza [1]reported that he hasclosed 729 [2]work-needing and […]

Architecture-specific release criteria

While Debian have release criteria for packages, up until now they didn't have any for the architectures. Andreas Barth has announced the new release criterias. Hi all, It has been discussed for a while already. While we have releasecriteria for packages, up until now we don't have any for thearchitectures. However, decisions made about an […]

Webserver load balancing with pound has yet another excellent guide – webserver load balancing made simple! Read it here. Quote: There are times when having only a single webserver is insufficient to handle the amount of traffic, or load, you're receiving. In this situation you have several options. If you have the ability to add new webservers into your […]

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