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Ubuntu review at FlexBeta

Flexbeta put their hands on Hoary and made the enthusiastic artivle “Discovering Ubuntu Linux”, where they praise the distribution!
The four-page review starts here.

Enjoy comments like:

For the longest time, I was a Windows zealot. I'd avoid Linux at every turn, simply because I thought it was too difficult and lacked the support and software I needed. Then I discovered Ubuntu 5.10 (“Hoary Hedgehog”,) and now I haven't booted into Windows in over two weeks. Ubuntu is, hands down, the best Linux distribution I have ever used. In a world where Linux distributions are struggling to gain acceptance in the desktop market, Ubuntu has taken everything good about Linux and made it more accessible.

and Quote:

Although the distribution has its downsides, Ubuntu does everything right in making Linux easy to use. I have rarely had to manually edit configuration files, and when I have had to there was enough documentation on the forums, the Wiki or the files themselves that I haven't felt overwhelmed. The fact that you can install almost all applications from a central server is awesome, and the detailed HOWTOs and dedicated user base make Ubuntu a great distribution for anyone new to Linux. It isn't as advanced as some distributions but still lets you retain enough power to do whatever you want.
Also, Canonical Ltd, the parent company of Ubuntu, is doing something that other distributions has never done—it is giving away CDs for free. You can get more details at the main Ubuntu website, however Canonical will send you as many Ubuntu CDs as you want, free of charge. I ordered 5 and have been giving them out to my friends ever since. This is great for anyone running on a 56k modem or would like something less flimsy than a CD-R.

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