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Damn Small Linux 1.5 has been released

There's now a new version of DSL – 1.5 – and with lots of changes! New Appointment Calendar program. New System Stats program. Added Xzoom. Updated Dillo. Updated Xtdesk – single click icons! etc…
The release announcement is here.

Download here!

Read the release note here:

Changes for 1.5:
1. New Appointment Calendar program
2. New System Stats program
3. Added Xzoom
4. Updated Dillo
5. Updated Xtdesk – single click icons!
6. Added bsflite for AIM & ICQ
7. Added grub to base system
8. Added frugal_grub and pendrive installs to base system.
9. Enhanced frugal installs to install from pendrives
10. Enhanced frugal installs Web option to use .dslrc (mirrors)
11. Enhanced hard drive install for choice of grub or lilo
12. Enahced webdata with “passive”
13. Updated Set Date/Time to start with system time.
14. Moved dock apps to .xinitrc for better user choice.
15. Fixed multiple wmnets on repeated dial ups.
16. Improved shell environment – /etc/profile sourced only upon login
17. Added home/dsl/mnt to default .xfiletool.lst
18. Updated new theme and xmms skin.
19. Updated Getting Started – frugal & hard drive installs
20. Updated Install boot option menu

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