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The Dapper Drake = Ubuntu 6.04

The development name for the next Ubuntu version 6.04 has been announced. A dapper, anyone?
The announcement, from Mark Shuttleworth:

In keeping with tradition, it's time to name the next+1 release of Ubuntu.

Ubuntu 6.04(ish) will be special, because as a community we are going to
commit to supporting it for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the
server. In Montreal (October 30-Nov 6, all hackers welcome, companies
send your developers, chip in and define it 'cos we all have to live
with it, details at etc) we will
be figuring out what changes are needed to the release process to ensure
we can deliver on that commitment. We're likely to want to be a bit more
conservative in the feature goals, and freeze a little longer.

It's 6.04 that will be up against Windows Vista, so let's make it a
zinger and give folks a real choice.

The 6.04 release will be the culmination of 2 years hard work, with
Warty, Hoary and Breezy having set the style and the pace. We want it to
represent the fruit of that labour – it brings to a close this first
major cycle of development for Ubuntu. It will be a release that people
can plan for, participate in and build solutions on top of. It will get
even more polish than we put into Breezy, so we think it deserves a name
that reflects that polish.

And so, after much deliberation, it has been decided that 6.04 will be
known during development as:

The Dapper Drake

I'm sure the Ubuntu Artwork Team will have a field day

As usual, the “dapper” repository will be opened after the release of
Breezy. Till then, let's focus all of our energy on the upcoming release!


– ubuntu-announce mailing list

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