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Debconf5 DVD's available

Have you ever wondered what they were doing at the Debconf5 – well, you can now buy the DVD's!
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I am now releasing DVD videos of the Debconf5 sessions (plus Debian Day
and some extras) in PAL format. NTSC format discs will be ready in a
few days. I am starting to burn discs for those who have already
ordered, and will continue doing so as orders come in.

You can find details of the contents and a mail order form at:
<>. You
can order and pay by PayPal, which requires either a credit card or a
Paypal account. I can also accept cheques and bank transfers from UK
banks, but I don't know about international payment options beyond

Holger Levsen is copying the disc images to, from
where they will be available for download later in the week. I will
also release the files used to build this version shortly.


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