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Linux distribution comparison has compared Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Suse, Xandros, Linpire and Mandriva. The best one? It all depends on your requirements.
The 9-page article starts here!


So Which One Should You Pick?

After all that, I hate to say, “It all depends,” but in many ways it's true. Your needs and budget will always play primary roles in choosing a distribution. However, if you take into consideration the criteria set up at the beginning of this article, it's easier to make a choice. If you want a user-friendly Linux distro but don't want to pay for it, consider SuSE's Evaluation Edition. You can download it from There's plenty of support via email lists and user forums. If you're more computer-savvy, want access to thousands of software packages, and plan on running a web or FTP server, consider Debian or Ubuntu. And if you'd like a Linux desktop replacement for Windows that won't have you dual-booting or keeping two computers for different tasks, Xandros Desktop OS Version 3 Business Edition is the option you should seriously consider. At $129, it barely compares to the $399.99 you'll pay for Microsoft Office Standard Edition 2003 and $299.99 for Microsoft Windows XP Professional. Any way you look at it, Linux offers many viable Windows replacement options; so make your choice and take the leap.

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