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KNOPPIX 4.0.2 released

A bugfix version of Knoppix has been released – 4.0.2 has arrived.
Read the changelog here:

* V4.0.2-2005-09-23 (bugfix release)
- Updated unionfs to 20050921-1507 with stability patches
- Fixed “noeject” and “noprompt” boot options
- Fixed “xdepth=” boot option
- Fixed permissions of /usr/bin/cdrecord*
- Fixed knoppix-terminalserver library problem
- Fixed knoppix-terminalserver shutdown-after-NFS-umount
- Fixed translation error of “Festplatte” in english version
- Fixed OpenOffice siesta on loading old documents
- Fixed ATP8* SCSI controller recognition
- Removed glibc dependency of sysvinit (all files statically linked now)
- Added “units” converter
- Updated read-write libntfs CVS version
- Security updates for xserver-xfree86, xlibs, mozilla-firefox
- [DVD] Added freemind (mindmapping tool)
- [DVD] Added Debian Anwenderhandbuch V3.0
- [DVD] Added Amorok

Downloads galore!

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