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Ubuntu Colony CD5 released

The last milestone before next release of Ubuntu has been met: Ubuntu Colony CD 5 has been released.
The announcement is here.

The downloads can be found here.


Significant installer changes since the Breezy preview release include:

* Fix a cdebconf bug that made translations of the timezone and apt
configuration dialogs disappear, and restore translations of a few
post-reboot messages as well.

* Avoid installing usplash on server installations.

* Disable automatic LVM partitioning support on powerpc (since it
doesn't have LVM support in the installer yet).

* Add commented-out backports lines to default sources.list (#15066).

* Warn if no swap space is configured (#11327).

* Silence some scary though harmless error messages in the live CD as
it pivots into the live filesystem.

* Fix bidirectional text support in the installer (for Arabic, etc.).

* Fix PCMCIA support on old laptops with ISA bridges (#8575) and on
some Sony Vaio models (#8677).

* Fix a partitioner crash when trying to auto-resize NTFS (#15513).

* Make the country question appear again if you go back and change
your answer to the language question (#14670).

* Stop various installer implementation details from showing up as
available tasks in package managers on the installed system.

* Restore Mac OS X detection on powerpc, following a kernel fix

Of course there have also been a battery of other changes in the
installed system, generally with the goal of increasing stability as we
approach release.

Some notable known bugs, which we hope to iron out before release:

* The sk98lin driver is missing; network cards with Yukon chipsets
will not be detected.

* powerpc installations with an XFS root filesystem fail to boot

* The amd64 and i386 live CDs are a little oversized, and require
700MB media as opposed to our normal 650MB requirements.

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