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From Hoary to Breezy

PCWorld has updated an IBM Thinkpad running Hoary to Breezy – and documented what happened in the process! *Almost* only good things!
The event can be found here!

I had harbored fervent hopes that the Breezy Badger would have better support for wireless networking. I've been kvetching in this space for more than a year about the lack of an easy, point-and-click interface for Wi-Fi network selection on the Gnome desktop. When I'm someplace where the Internet is flowing freely through the air–whether it be at a trade show, a coffee shop, or my own living room–I should be able to peruse a list of available networks, clicking to select one to glom on to. This sort of functionality, which has been standard in Windows and the Mac OS for some time now, remains elusive in Ubuntu Linux.

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