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Screenshot tour of Ubuntu Colony 4

OSDir has put together a screenshot tour of Ubuntu Linux 5.10 Colony 4. Enjoy the show here!

Ubuntu review at FlexBeta

Flexbeta put their hands on Hoary and made the enthusiastic artivle “Discovering Ubuntu Linux”, where they praise the distribution! The four-page review starts here. Enjoy comments like:Quote: For the longest time, I was a Windows zealot. I'd avoid Linux at every turn, simply because I thought it was too difficult and lacked the support and […]

Ubuntu Colony CD 4 released

Ubuntu Colony CD 4 is ready. This is the fourth in a series of milestone CDimages that will be released throughout the Breezy development cycle. Download here! Enjoy the release note:Quote: Significant installer changes since Colony 3 include: * Many fixes to the live CD, including usplash integration. * GRUB tries harder to boot even […]

Ubuntu BadgerBadgerBadgerTour

Ubuntu evangelist Jeff Vaugh will be travelling to spread the word and visit the Ubuntu community – see if he'll be somewhere near you.. Check out the page with the overview. Or enjoy the announcement:Quote: Announcing… the Badger Badger Badger Tour! I will be travelling for a month and a half, criss-crossing the northernhemisphere, […]

Ubuntu wins TUX Readers' Choice Award

The readers of TUX Magazine have voted to give Ubuntu their 2005 Readers' Choice Award. Thanks everyone! ——– Forwarded Message ——–From: Carlie Fairchild To: info@ubuntulinux.orgSubject: Ubuntu wins TUX Readers' Choice AwardDate: Thu, 01 Sep 2005 01:02:53 -0500 Hi from your friends at TUX Magazine, We're happy to let you know that our readers have voted […]

Setting up Apache, MySQL and PHP4 on Debian has made an excellent guide for how to setup Apache, MySql and PHP4 on your Debian box. Read it yourself on their web site – Quote: It's pretty easy to get a working local web server on your Debian box. You can use the command line (apt-get install) to get your packages or fire-up […]

Plug and play winner so far: Ubuntu Linux has had their hands on Ubuntu – and they are impressed with it so far! They look at the different distributions ability to find hardware and plug'n'play -and here's Ubuntu is the absolute best so far! Quote: After playing with three more bootable Linux distros last night — that's five so far — only […]

MepisLite 3.3.1-2 Review has a review that focuses on MepisLite's usefullness on older machines. They like what they see, but not quite happy with the business model! The review concludes that:Quote: Conclusions: Quick, stable and highly usable come to mind as the easiest manner to describe what Mepis has created here. I hesitate to wholly recommend it […]

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