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Status of Etch development

Steve Langasek has posted a thorough update of the progress of Etch – in particular getting the bulk of the C++ ABI transition pushed into testing. It's been a long trip, and as usual not everything has gone according toplan; but we are now nearing the point of being able to get the bulk ofthe […]

Virtual hosting with PureFTPd and MySQL

HowtoForge has written a tutorial on how to install a PureFTPd server that uses virtual users from a MySQL database instead of real system users. Quote: This document describes how to install a PureFTPd server that uses virtual users from a MySQL database instead of real system users. This is much more performant and allows […]

Distrowatch weekly news mentions Debian several times

This week's edition of Distrowatch weekly news has a review of a new book about Debian and also mentions the graphical installer, name-change of Debian Pure and Ubuntu conference. Check it all here. The review of “Book Review: The Debian System – Concepts And Techniques ” is found here.

Denying access to your web server by IP address

Debian-Administration have made a sweet guide to use mod_rewrite to redirect unwanted users to an error page. Enjoy the tip here. Quote: There are several times when you'll wish to deny particular clients access to your webserver. The most common and obvious solution is to simply firewall the visitors, however this doesn't let the visitors […]

Remastering Knoppix, part II

The second article about creating your own Knoppix-based distribution is now available. The first article is mentioned here. And now you can continue the lessons on And when you're done, youQuote: …..At this point, you can add a lot more kernel functionality to your Knoppix CD if you like. For example, some users have […]

Review of MepisLite 3.3.1-2

Capnkirby have had his hands at MepisLite and been quite happy with it, according to this review – but it isn't free. You can see the results here.Quote: Conclusions: Quick, stable and highly usable come to mind as the easiest manner to describe what Mepis has created here. I hesitate to wholly recommend it as […]

The Knoppix advantage

Here's a combined review and installation of Knoppix on old hardware – a Celeron 333 MHz processor, with 96 MB SDRAM. The conclusion is clear:Quote: Advantages of Knoppix * Multimedia programs compiled with MP3 support. * Auto detects a wide variety of hardware including certain off-beat ISA cards. * Contains a lot of softwares, which […]

Ubuntu's wireless utility easier than Windows

LX'er have had a very pleasant experience with wireless network and Ubuntu. Enjoy the beating of Windows here. Quote: Recently, I bought a Linksys Wireless – B PCI adapter for one of my Linux boxes after consulting a compatibility list. Linksys changed the WMP11 chip in this revision and it just didn't work with my […]

King of the Minis!

Tuxmachines have reviewed Damn Small Linux 2.0 RC1 – and the title says it all “All Hail! King of the Minis: DSL”. Enjoy the review here: TuxmachinesQuote: Damn Small was the first and is the best. They are the undisputed King of the Mini distros. I first used damn small when their gui consisted of […]

Kernel 2.6.14 released

The title says it all – the latest kernel as been released. You can read the changelog here Download is here or here. Release note:Quote: From: Linus Torvalds To: Linux Kernel Mailing List Subject: Linux 2.6.14Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2005 17:28:50 -0700 (PDT) Ok, it's finally there. 2.6.14 was delayed twice due to some last-minute […]

Ubuntu and Debian together have made some thoughts and comments about the relationship between Debian and Ubuntu in the article “Ubuntu and Debian look forward”. It is a very god read about the relationship between the distributions and why the next Ubuntu release is rather different from what they have made before. Enjoy it here.Quote: The following eleven […]

Goodies in the repositories

The article about hidden gems in Ubuntu's Universe repository is indeed also relevant for non-Ubuntu users, as you can apt-get them all. It is found at The Fridge and covers from desktop eye candy to browsing the solar system:Quote: Have you ventured beyond Ubuntu’s default GNOME desktop applications? There’s a wealth of great tools available […]

Misc. Ubuntu…

Tectonic has made an overview of the Dapper Drake upstart and in other news you can find some “Why I love Ubuntu”-statements Tectonic has written a small article about the start of next Ubuntu version:Quote: With Breezy Badger out the door, the next version of Ubuntu, titled Dapper Drake, went into production today. Top of […]

Debian Weekly News 43/05

Debian Weekly News is here – this week with bis issues like Etch Release Progress, Graphical Debian-Installer and New Source Packages and Binaries. —————————————————————————Debian Weekly News Weekly News – October 25th, 2005————————————————————————— Welcome to this year's 43rd issue of DWN, the weekly newsletter forthe Debian community. Jörg Jaspert [1]noticed that the rate ofpackage [2]rejections out […]

Five years of Debian

Debian Planet is celebrating their five years birthday these days – it looks like there's going to be some action on their website again! Read the short announcement here at the oldest Debian news site.

Is Ubuntu the Big Ticket for Debian?

On tectonic they have made a …'Directors cut'-version of the Ubuntu FAQ by Mark Shuttleworth. So if you have read the original one (here), then theer's no need to read this one. It's the same content, just ordered in a different way.. Quote: We thank Mark and his team for permission to republish it in […]

Do-it-yourself Knoppix LiveCD

Have you ever wanted to do your own LiveCD? This 3-page article shows what you can do with Knoppix. It is the first part of a series. You can see the tricks at This article isn't meant to be an exhaustive survey of uses for Knoppix or its derivatives—rather, it is meant to give […]

Development of Ubuntu 6.04 begins

The archive for development of the next release of Ubuntu is open. This means that developers can start their work on the next Ubuntu release. You can also check it out at The Fridge, but Mark Shuttleworth announces: As of today the archive for development of the next release of Ubuntuis open. Here are some […]

Ubuntu report from the Berlinux

Daniel Holbach and Matthias Klose reports from the Ubuntu booth at the Berlinux. Hi everybody, Matthias Klose (doko) and I did the Ubuntu booth at Berlinux [1]. Ourbooth was crammed between the GNOME and the Skolelinux one. SvenHerzberg (herzi) ran the GNOME one and was supported by Thomas Keup [2],who had the excellent idea of […]

Bug squashing party Oct 28th-30th

Time for yet another Debian Bug squashing party – there are still about 380 RC bugs open against packages that are also in test, writes Frank Lichtenheld in the announcement. Hi. Since the last Bug Squashing Party (BSP) we managed to keep the number ofrelease critical bugs from growing which is better than we did […]

Setting Up Awstats for Apache

Here's an very usefull how-to from Debian Administration: Setting Up Awstats for Apache! The guide starts like this:Quote: I have noticed people asking questions about web server statistics programs on debian-user mailing list. So I'm posting a compendious version of my original(personal) documentation on how to setup awstats on Debian GNU/Linux for generating statistics for […]

Setting up Ubuntu 5.10 as server

The first how-to to setup Ubuntu 5.10 as a server has been launched at Howtoforge. Enjoy. Here you are. The guide covers on 6 pages: Quote: … the steps to be taken to setup a Ubuntu based server (Ubuntu 5.10 – Breezy Badger) that offers all services needed by ISPs and hosters (web server (SSL-capable), […]

Ubuntu for your church?

Allthough I won't write about all possible derivates of Ubuntu, this one is so special that I must mention it: The Freely Project (USA) is defining a turn-key libre software solution that opens the path to GNU/Linux migrations for churches and other faith-based organizations LXer has the breaking news about the religious variant of Ubuntu:Quote: […]

What do to when apt-get fails has made a guide to support DebianGNU/Linux users when apt-get doesn't quite do the job. You can read the description of apt-get and what to do here at A short bit of it:Quote: One case in which you have limited options for recovering the system is when you are installing unofficial .deb packages […]

Ubuntu Documentation Web Sites

Matthew East has announced “two websites which wehope will become the starting point for users learning how to useUbuntu.” The Ubuntu Documentation Team is proud to announce two websites which wehope will become the starting point for users learning how to useUbuntu. = = This website will host the stable documentation released with Ubuntu. […]

Mandriva response to Ubuntu's FAQ

Gaël Duval, founder of Mandriva has created a kind of response/spoof on Mark Shuttleworth's Ubuntu FAQ. The Mandriva version is found here, the original Ubuntu FAQ is found here. From Ubuntu FAQ: Quote: Will brown always be the default desktop colour? Unlikely that ANYTHING will be static forever, given that we expect Ubuntu to be […]

Ubuntu Love Day

Jeff Waugh has announced Ubuntu Love day (which is a day of presentations and workshop with Ubuntu key persons and developers) in Montreal. Good morning freedom lovers! Our upcoming developer summit will be keenly focused on our plans for Ubuntu6.04 (Dapper Drake), and mostly of interest to existing Ubuntu developers… So we've dedicated an entire […]

Penguin Liberation Front Ubuntu

Similar to the Mandriva Penguin Liberation Front, the Ubuntu PLFis a team that builds litigious packages (patents covered or copyrighted stuff). From the founding meeting, the summary is found here.:Quote: The goal of the PLF Ubuntu repository is making packages for litigious software who cannot be included in the officials repositories because they are patented […]

Debian-DCC Alliance trademark dispute

NewsForge have two articles about the recent dispute over the Debian trademark with the former Debian Common Core Alliance, now known as the DCC Alliance The first article is here:Quote: Lacking permission from the Debian project to call itself Debian anything, the Debian Common Core Alliance has agreed to change its name to the recursive […]

Ubuntu – now as server

Matt Zimmermann has announced that the Ubuntu team have released the first Ubuntu designed especially for server environments. The Ubuntu team is proud to announce Ubuntu 5.10 Server, the firstrelease of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments.Like the standard desktop Ubuntu, it occupies a single CD. However, it is distinguished by the following features: * […]

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