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Dumber people can run Linux

A techno-illiterate takes the first steps of migrating a Win2000 mailserver to Ubuntu and is rather surprised.
Originally spotted on The Fridge, the article in The Inquirer is quite interesting – and is also to be continued as she's so far only got to install Ubuntu and learned a bit about it:

So I decided to be difficult and download Ubuntu instead (because the friend I consulted by email suggested it and then it turned out that all those geeks who recommended other things said, “Oh, yeah, I have one running that. I like it.”). Of course, unless I download and install, one by one, every Linux variant I'll never know which one is “best”, but friends, if there's a Linux I would hand a novice to install, this is it. Yes, the text messages that scroll by at length are a little intimidating. But so what? When it comes to a point where it has to ask you something, it does so in plain English and tells you why it wants to know. After all these decades of obscure error messages and cryptic questions, here's an operating system that says something like, “From your choice of language, we guess you're in one of these countries. Which is it?” I would have kissed it, except that it isn't tangible, plus you look really silly kissing a Thinkpad that won't even turn into a talking frog.

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