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A couple of general articles about Ubuntu

In the steady flow of Ubuntu news, Redherring and ZDNet has written about what Ubuntu is and what they are about to do. Update: Internetnews has an article about Ubuntu too.
From ZDNet:

Mandriva and Ubuntu, two significant but second-tier versions of Linux, each released major updates on Thursday.

Ubuntu, which has risen to prominence only recently, released its third version, numbered 5.10 and also called Breezy Badger. Also arriving is Mandriva 2006, which comes in three versions: Discovery/Lx for beginners, PowerPack for more advanced personal computer users and PowerPack+ for servers. The products cost about US$54, US$96 and US$239, respectively.


Practically a secret outside the open-source community, Ubuntu Linux is pushing its under-the-radar appeal to businesses.

Canonical Ltd. unveiled on Friday the latest version of Ubuntu, its desktop and server versions of Linux, which now comes equipped with support for original equipment manufacturers that want to pre-install Linux on new machines, in addition to a strong push for commercial adoption.

Latest, the have had an article about the roll-out:

So what's thinner, a badger or a hedgehog? If you guessed a badger you'd be right, (in the case of Ubuntu 5.10 at least), as the distro integrates thin-client capabilities.

Thin clients boot their operating systems remotely from a server. According to Ubuntu its OS management tools will work for both the server and the thin client. Ubuntu is making use of the Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP) to make the Badger a thin beast.

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