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Debian-DCC Alliance trademark dispute

NewsForge have two articles about the recent dispute over the Debian trademark with the former Debian Common Core Alliance, now known as the DCC Alliance
The first article is here:

Lacking permission from the Debian project to call itself Debian anything, the Debian Common Core Alliance has agreed to change its name to the recursive DCC Alliance, but, according to Debian, has so far refused to remove Debian's logo from its own logo or issue any formal press release about the change or why it took place.

And the second article, including Ian Murdock's comments is found here:

NF: Do you believe that the frequent reference in DCCA press releases to your role as founder and namesake of Debian creates tension between you and Debian's developers, and may even contribute to the current disagreement?

Murdock: One of the things I've learned over the decade or so I've been doing this is that when your work is visible to large numbers of people, anything you do creates tension between you and somebody. To actually answer your question: I'm Debian's founder. I have opinions about Debian, just like everyone else. Yes, the fact that I'm Debian's founder may draw more attention to my opinions about Debian than to those of others. I'm not sure what I can do about that short of not expressing them, and I'm not about to do that.

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