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Misc. Ubuntu…

Tectonic has made an overview of the Dapper Drake upstart and in other news you can find some “Why I love Ubuntu”-statements
Tectonic has written a small article about the start of next Ubuntu version:

With Breezy Badger out the door, the next version of Ubuntu, titled Dapper Drake, went into production today. Top of the high-level goals for Dapper is for it to be a “polished” distribution.

This announcement from Martijn van de Streek is quite amusing:


I've started making short clips of people saying that they use/love Ubuntu
(one guy on IRC called them 'moviegotchis').

Most of you here will already have seen them (I've linked them from a blog
post), but for the people who don't read Ubuntu Planet, here's a link:

I intend to record lots more of these 'moviegotchis' in Montreal next week,
and at other places with Ubuntu developers and users that I'm going to, so
come by and claim your 15 seconds of fame!


Enjoy the statements!

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