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The Knoppix advantage

Here's a combined review and installation of Knoppix on old hardware – a Celeron 333 MHz processor, with 96 MB SDRAM.
The conclusion is clear:

Advantages of Knoppix

* Multimedia programs compiled with MP3 support.
* Auto detects a wide variety of hardware including certain off-beat ISA cards.
* Contains a lot of softwares, which usually have to be downloaded separately and installed in other distributions.
* Knoppix is based on Debian so can easily update, install or upgrade using Apt package management.
* Coexists with other OSes with out any problem via the GRUB boot-loader.
* Sound configuration is automatic and is not a hassle.
* If the hardware is atleast 4 years old, then knoppix is a viable choice of installing and using Linux.
* Appeals to people without broadband internet who want to install a more complete Linux with support for many proprietary file formats like MP3.
* Contains multiple window managers like KDE, Fluxbox, IceWm, twm etc.

Disadvantages of Knoppix

* Knoppix is optimized for use as a live distro. So when installed on the hard-disk will boot up a bit slower than other distributions.
* If you want to learn the inner working of Linux, this is not the best way. You will be better off installing a distribution like Slackware, Fedora or Ubuntu.

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