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Ubuntu in Mannheim?

The German city's Linux migration is going to take a while…but those who are to do it seems biased towards Ubuntu… Here's a quick quote: Quote: “In every new Linux version we see more Windows functionality,” says Armbruster. “We want to move to Linux on the desktop when it has the same look and feel […]

Install KDE 3.5 on Ubuntu Breezy 5.10

Quick, easy and simple – a how-to to install KDE 3.5 on Ubuntu! Read the short and easy how-to here at madpenguin! Quote: For those Ubuntu loyalists who need the latest, greatest software on their computers, KDE 3.5 is available for Ubuntu 5.10 (Breezy). The packages are available for both i386 and AMD64 systems.

A first look at Debian's GUI installer have had a look at the graphical installer for Debian and have some concerns regarding it. Read the article/comment for yourself, but they conclude that: Quote: Overall, the new graphical installer shows promise. It's a welcome addition for Debian, and it shows that the project is focusing more on attracting newer Linux users in […]

Call for support, Debian-Edu

Raphael Hertzog has attended the Educ@tice in Paris and Debian has a good position amongst the education-specific distributions. Help's needed to do it even better. Hello, I was last week in Paris for the Educ@tice trade show: an eventdedicated to IT in the education world. Christian Perrier and myselfwere representing the Debian project. See the […]

Debian Weekly News 48/2005

The latest DWN is here, containing Possible Freetype Library Transition, Configuration File Handling and Versioned Dependencies amongst others. —————————————————————————Debian Weekly News Weekly News – November 29th, 2005————————————————————————— Welcome to this year's 48th issue of DWN, the weekly newsletter forthe Debian community. Andreas Schuldei sent out a [1]reminder for theDebConf call for papers. Martin Krafft [2]announced […]

Henry and Ubuntu

Henry the Adequate has reviewed Ubuntu – it's very funny, but I haven't really figured out if he likes it or not… Examine what he has to say at his blog..Quote: Some long-haired hippie type comes up to me in the street and says “Ubuntu, man.” “Yeah, well, up yours too!” I respond. Jeez agressive […]

DEbian BASED Live Linux System

DSS (Debased Scripts Set) project is dedicated to providing you with a “System Development Environment” to create your own DEbian BASED Live Linux System Read about the system here, if you want to make your own LiveCD Quote: Normally you're stuck with the type and amount of applications the creator decided to include, now you […]

Ubuntu Holiday Give Away 2005

If you wish to send someone an Ubuntu CD in time for Christmas, the Ubuntu Give Away 2005 page is for you. It's announced here at The Fridge. Visit the page here.Quote: In brief, perhaps some people would like to recieve a free ubuntu CD before the holidays, but Shipit may take too long. Some […]

Impressions of Xubuntu

Yea, Xubuntu and not Ubuntu – Xubuntu is Ubuntu using Xfce. have had a look at the lightweight version of Ubuntu – Xubuntu – read it here. Quote: I love Xfce. It's fast, easy to configure and looks great. What could be better.. I'm runnnig a top-notch Linux distro with a no-bloat window manager? […]

The changing landscape of Debian news-sites

Recently there's been a lot of websites containing news about Debian and derivatives – here's an analysis of what they are and what they try to do. After reading Steve Kemp's blog about name overload, I got interested in examining what it is that's happening about the Debian news-sites and community sites. It is a […]

Vserver on Sarge – again

A more extended tutorial on using Vserver has been posted at Howtoforge. The more simple guide is mentioned here but now they have written a more thorough and detailed version here! Quote: Linux-VServer allows you to create virtual private servers and security contexts which operate like a normal Linux server, but allow many independent servers […]

The Debian graphical installer needs your help!

Your Debian needs you! Frans Pop asks for help on font selection, packaging and configuration; support for complex scripts, helping realize the upgrade from gtk+ 2.0.9 to 2.8.3, development of cdebconf plugins and graphical design and improving usability (including accessibility). As you may have noticed in Joey Hess' release announcement for D-I Etch-beta1 [1], Debian […]

More awards to Ubuntu and Mark Shuttleworth

Ubuntu and its founder, Mark Shuttleworth, both won awards at the Linux New Media Awards at last week's Linux World Expo in Germany. Read the short announcement. Quote: The award for Outstanding Contribution to Linux / Open Source was given to Mark Shuttleworth in recognition of his commitment to the development and acceptability of Free […]

Yet another DSL review!

Never have I seen so many reviews of DSL on the same time – has a neat and positive review! Read the entire review on this page!Quote: SummaryVersion 2 adds new features and options that will surely be welcomed. There is no doubt in my mind that Damn Small Linux is the best lightweight […]

Damn Small Linux review

Henry the adequate has reviewed DSL 2.0 and had a hard time doing it! Read the rather funny review here. Quote: ConclusionInstallation is not for the faint-hearted. Fortunately I am a superhero of the highest order and can handle such things. At first it seems as though it has lost all of my data, but […]

10 Things that make Ubuntu a Neophyte's Distribution

Ravi at have put together 10 things in Ubuntu that make a new user's life that much simple. Read about network tools, database submission and the 8 other things here. Quote: Ubuntu is fast on its way to becoming a peoples OS. I have always wondered what is it that makes people embrace Ubuntu […]

Boring to upgrade from Ubuntu 5.04 to 5.10

Upgrading Ubuntu – easy and boring (i.e. no accidents!). Read the short blog entry here. Quote: The process took a couple hours start to finish, most of it during the package download phase. Everything updated fine, and the system rebooted without incident. Color me happy.

Remaster an Ubuntu CD

Here's a quick how-to on how to remaster your own Ubuntu CD! Read it here. It looks simple enough, but then again – I haven't tried! Quote: Why would you want to do this? I want to take the Hoary CD, remove all the graphical stuff, install a preseed (“answers”) file for the installer, add […]

Breathing Life Into Older Computers

ASELAbe has made a guide about how to extend the life of old computers using Damn Small Linux. Read it here. Quote: The oldest computer I have is a Pentium 266 MMX laptop with 64MB of RAM. Most people would just consider this to be garbage and junk it, and if you brought this in […]

Computer First Aid Using Knoppix

Here's a rather old article about rescuring your data and computer using Knoppix – it uses Knoppix 3.7. You may have seen it a while ago, but here it is.Quote: Windows just crashed. The computer won't boot back up. Those “System Recovery Disks” that came with your computer will erase all of your data. In […]

The perfect new machine setup

Wolfgang Lonien blogs about his perfect computer setup for his wife – using Debian and Ubuntu. Enjoy the post here.Quote: I decided to order a DVD burner and a new 250GB Samsung harddisk, and when they finally arrived I thought about what to install. Debian Sarge, no question. This is our workhorse. But I also […]

Ubuntu best Desktop Linux for small business

ZDNet have tested Mandriva Linux 2006, Novell Linux Desktop 9, Red Hat Desktop 4, SUSE Linux 10 and Ubuntu Linux 5.10 for small business. Long store short: Ubuntu wins. Read it yourself.Quote: And the winner is We emerged from our Linux experience with a strong preference for Ubuntu Linux 5.1, with SUSE Linux 10 a […]

pre-Christmas bug squashing

Martin Krafft are announcing a bug squashing period, starting now, and ending 14 Dec 2005, 11:59 CET on Debian. Check if you can help! Dear fellow developers and contributors, My publisher, Open Source Press [0], and I were pondering ways tohelp the F/OSS community (and Debian in particular) over a beer theother day, and the […]

Yet another gallery of Ubuntu

The most interesting thing is that it is at ZDNet – it's not quite usual for them to show galleries! You can see the commented screenshow hereQuote: Ticker brought to you by Google: Earn more from your website with Google. Comms regulator to revise BPL guidelines Firefox plans mass marketing drive Country Energy gears […]

Damn Small Linux 2.0 screenshot tour

Enjoy the screenshot tour at OSDir! It's found right here.

SimplyMEPIS 3.4-1 RC1 screenshot tour

Enjoy the screenshot tour at OSDir and Phoronix! You'll find it right here. and here for Phoronix'.

Libfreetype have to undergo a library transition

Steve Langasek has posted a a call-to-arms for maintainers to improvethe library handling in their packages. Hello cruel world, Due to upstream ABI changes, it looks very likely that libfreetype isgoing to have to undergo a library transition in the near future[0].The details are still being settled, and it's possible (though unlikely)that the library will […]

Debian Weekly News 47/2005

DWN is upon us again. This week with Standard C++ Library Modification, Project Leader Delegations, LCA05: Call for Presentations and much, much more. —————————————————————————Debian Weekly News Weekly News – November 22nd, 2005————————————————————————— Welcome to this year's 47th issue of DWN, the weekly newsletter forthe Debian community. Nathanael Nerode [1]observed that the new C++libraries are not […]

Impressions of DSL 2.0

Distroreviews have had a quick look at the new Damn Small Linux 2.0. Read the impressions here.Quote: Damn Small Linux is a pleasure to work with, especially in our day of bloatted operating systems. The majority of users only use a handful of applications with can be run just fine (in fact much faster) in […] going live has added This site is intended to host various “mini How-Tos”, tutorials, and miscellaneous documentation. Read the announcement here. And if you'd like to help: Quote: If you're interested in creating and/or editing pages in the wiki, you must read the notice in the Wiki Work Forum since there is an edit/create page […]

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