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Review: At times it's a breeze, at times it badgers

LinuxOnline have reviewed Ubuntu and have fought with some of the error messages it can provide!
Read the review here.

Allthough providing the good and bad sides of Ubuntu the review concludes:

Despite accentuating the negative a bit, I consider Ubuntu an excellent distribution and it suits my needs quite well. It's the most popular distribution at, so that means people are, at the very least, getting information about it. I've opined for some time now that Linux is about 99 percent ready for everybody's desktop. You'd think that with so much fanfare over Ubuntu, it would be at 100 percent. The fact that it isn't shows the slow progress we're making to put Linux on more desktops. People are still going to have to suffer a bit before they get the machine to do what they want. That means we're still turning people away. We can debate about free media players and open multimedia codecs all day, but the average person wants to install a system that is going let him/her get on the net and see all available content. Since Ubuntu can't ship with proprietary Microsoft and Apple video codecs, maybe we need to take a different approach to get Linux on more desktops. Ubuntu, though an excellent distribution for people who are comfortable with Linux already, isn't quite ready for the masses yet.

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