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It'll run better on Debian

Slightly off-topic, this cell-based monster runs Linux! Oh, how I look forward to be able to plug a cell processor in my desktop computer.
Lots of GigaFLOPS:

Compared to the Dual Cell-Based Blade, Turismo will offer an alternative packaging approach, with 60 percent denser solutions, increased I/O performance and flexibility, and significantly increased memory options. Turismo is designed to deliver up to 800 GigaFLOPS of acceleration to the desktop for high-computation rendering and imaging applications. Turismo is also ideally suited to enterprise applications such as centralizing imaging resources in hospitals and similar environments.

Turismo is designed with:

Mercury MultiCore Plus Advantage
Up to four Cell BE processors in a computationally dense package
Dual 4X InfiniBand(R) support, plus multiple Gigabit Ethernet ports for multi-box communications
Connectivity to a high-end workstation via 16x PCI Express(R) high-speed interconnect
Yellow Dog Linux Board Support Package from Terra Soft Solutions.

Read it announced here!

But Yellow Dog Linux! Please!

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