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Yet another gallery of Ubuntu

The most interesting thing is that it is at ZDNet – it's not quite usual for them to show galleries!
You can see the commented screenshow here
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Photo gallery: Linux on the desktop
By Brendon Chase, Builder AU
24 November 2005 02:19 PM

Ubuntu’s latest Linux distribution, code-named Breezy Badger, is one of the most user-friendly operating systems developed by the open-source community to date. Is it time to make the switch?
While some businesses may not find the Linux operating system suitable, Ubuntu’s latest desktop could appeal to other enterprises which require basic applications such as e-mail, a Web browser, and an office suite that just works.

Ubuntu was founded about two years ago by Mark Shuttleworth, the man who sold his security firm, Thawte Consulting, to Verisign for US$500 million.

Since its inception, Ubuntu has focused on developing an easy-to-use operating system that's free of charge. The company has been able to leverage off the Debian project, a popular Linux distribution amongst open-source developers, and deliver a user friendly version for non-technical computer users.

In this photo gallery, we look at what Breezy Badger has to offer, including how it works with OpenOffice 2.0, the free productivity suite.

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