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A first look at Debian's GUI installer have had a look at the graphical installer for Debian and have some concerns regarding it.
Read the article/comment for yourself, but they conclude that:


Overall, the new graphical installer shows promise. It's a welcome addition for Debian, and it shows that the project is focusing more on attracting newer Linux users in addition to experienced ones.

However, if the graphical installer ends up being a GUI shell that essentially replicates the text-mode installation, it will still be intimidating for a number of users. Debian developers should create a (more) simplified installer that masks most of the complexity of installation and gives users a simplified install for the greenest computer users. I'd love to see the Debian developers come up with a graphical installer and setup utilities that rival easy-to-use utilities like the Xandros installer, or even the installer for Mac OS X.

There is, of course, plenty of time for the GUI installer to be tweaked, polished, and finished for use with Etch. The current timeline calls for Etch to be released around December 2006.

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