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Ubuntu in Mannheim?

The German city's Linux migration is going to take a while…but those who are to do it seems biased towards Ubuntu…
Here's a quick quote:


“In every new Linux version we see more Windows functionality,” says Armbruster. “We want to move to Linux on the desktop when it has the same look and feel as Windows.”

Armbruster did not say what version of Linux it plans on installing in the future, but he is a fan of Ubuntu, a free Linux distribution based on Debian. Ubuntu is the distribution that will be offered to city employees to try out at home, according to Armbruster.

“I think Ubuntu is very interesting, more interesting than SuSE or Red Hat's desktop products,” he says. “I have friends who wanted to try Linux at home and when they installed SuSE or Red Hat they had 500 or 800 programs. You don't need 800 programs; with Ubuntu you get fewer applications,”

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