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MEPIS birthday and release

MEPIS is three years old + SimplyMEPIS 3.4-1 rc1 has been released. The announcement is found here. Quote: SimplyMEPIS 3.4-1 is expected to be final in one to two weeks. No kidding! What happened to 3.3.2 and 3.3.3? Warren tells us, “Every time we were ready to upload a build, yet another updated app made […]

Damn Small Linux 2.0 released

DSL 2.0 is here! Enjoy the wonder of a truly slim distribution – there's a bunch of updates from 1.5. The release announcement is here. Read the release notes:Quote: 1. new kernel 2.4.31 and modules2. new 64 cloops3. new prism2 support4. updated ndiswrapper support5. new autodetected LT winmodems6. new naim patched for TOC2 – dropped […]

Ubuntu 6.04 impressions

Too early, too little, but here's a quick overview of Distroreviews impressions. It isn't much, but it's better than nothing on a slow day. Quote: I was anxious to have a look at this release as it has been mentioned that this release's focus is to be a “polished” distribution. I was hopeful but not […]

Killing bugs in Ubuntu

Tuesday, November 22nd is the next Bug Day, where the Ubuntu folks goes bug hunting. Read about it on The Fridge.Quote: This is a day where volunteers trudge through the bugs filed by users and make sure they get assigned to the right teams. Bug Day is a great learning experience if you want to […]

Goodbye Mandriva, hello Kubuntu

In Distrowatch Weekly, they refer to long-time Mandriva user, who now switches to Kubuntu. The note is here. The long Goodbye note from Erwin Van de Velde is an interesting article – Quote: I'm leaving you for a new adventure in (K)Ubuntu-country. However, I'd like to state here the reason for this decision: With Mandriva, […]

It'll run better on Debian

Slightly off-topic, this cell-based monster runs Linux! Oh, how I look forward to be able to plug a cell processor in my desktop computer. Lots of GigaFLOPS:Quote: Compared to the Dual Cell-Based Blade, Turismo will offer an alternative packaging approach, with 60 percent denser solutions, increased I/O performance and flexibility, and significantly increased memory options. […]

Intel devices supported on Debian

The Quick Start Kit is targeted at resellers in Intel's global channel and will help make it easier for them to build desktop GNU/Linux machines running Debian Read the cool announcement here! Way to go, Debian GNU/Linux, i particular like the bit about “We had a significant number of customers request support for Debian in […]

Master Knoppix

Want insight on how to master (your own) Knoppix? Here's some help for you. “Remastering Knoppix” is a good starting point. Quote: This is a guide that will show you how to remaster KNOPPIX. (Note: commands should appear on one line, so please maximize the window. You may wish to start from an already customized […]

Backporting to Sarge

Need some new software on your old Sarge system? Backporting could be the answer. Here's a how-to on the subject. Quote: Backporting means bringing newer versions of some software to an olderDebian release. This usually involves two kind of tasks: 1. Backport additional packages such as required libraries 2. Change dependencies to use an older […]

Ubuntu Flight CD 1

Flight CD 1 is the first in a series of milestone CD images that will bereleased throughout the Dapper development cycle. Check out the release announcement. Screenshots of Ubuntu here and Kubuntu here Quote: However, this release does feature a few installer improvements whichsome people may find useful (many synced from Debian), including: * FAT […]

Ubuntu live CD build scripts

Want to build your own Ubuntu LiveCD – here's a guy who tried it and gives you the tools to do it. Read the small item here.Use at your own risk!Quote: The scripts were tested using a fully up to date Ubuntu 5.10 install on an AMD 1.9GHZ, with a little over a gig of […]

Debian Developer's Packages Overview

Christoph Berg has announced that The Debian Developer's Packages Overview page recently have received some new features. Hi, The Debian Developer's Packages Overview page at [1] has recentlyreceived some new features that I'd like to announce here. [1] * Support for adding arbitrary packages to the list. The easiest way to do that is […]

Installing Ubuntu on a Dell Laptop has described the installion and configuration of Ubuntu on a Dell Inspiron. The 4-page story begins here and it's nice to see that the author concludes that it's Dell that has to work on the issues, not the Ubuntu developers! Quote: Overall, I am extremely pleased with the upgrade [from Hoary to Breezy]. My […]

Debian and Nexenta collide has commented the recent licensing issues with the Debian/Solaris hybrid, Nexenta. Read the story here, now that it's available for us all. Quote: When Sun Microsystems decided to release Solaris under the CDDL license, it did so with the knowledge that this code could not be combined with GPL-licensed code. That incompatibility was pretty […]

More on Ubuntu OEM installation

With Ubuntu, you have the option of performing an OEM installation – clearly aimed at distribution of computers and business users. Newsforge have written a small piece about it and got some comments about it's usefullness. Quote: The task of creating Ubuntu 5.10's OEM mode installer fell to Colin Watson, lead programmer of the Ubuntu […]

Review: At times it's a breeze, at times it badgers

LinuxOnline have reviewed Ubuntu and have fought with some of the error messages it can provide! Read the review here. Allthough providing the good and bad sides of Ubuntu the review concludes:Quote: Despite accentuating the negative a bit, I consider Ubuntu an excellent distribution and it suits my needs quite well. It's the most popular […]

Ubuntu On The Business Desktop

MadPenguin has a review/article about how to install and setup Ubuntu in a Business enviroment. The two-page story begins here. Quote: I won't go into reliability and security here. I've had no security or spyware problems with either Windows or Linux, but I've certainly screwed up my fair share of Linux installations experimenting with software […]

Installation of SimplyMEPIS with Qemu under Windows

With Qemu you can try out and install SimplyMEPIS on a virtual machine under Windows – this article describes how to do it. The original article is here, but is in Danish – so you may want to read the brilliant translation here in the MEPISLovers forum. Quote: With Qemu you can try out and […]

Experimental Debtags package search

Enrico Zeni has announced “an experimental new way of searching Debian packages: you start with a normal text search, and then you work with categories.” Hello, I'm so proud of this that I need to announce it to Debian DevelAnnounce. I implemented a new kind of package search, here: It's an experimental new way […]

Debian Weekly News 46/2005

A new DWN has hit the lists – this weeks edition contains Status of Big Endian ARM Port, Oldenburg DevJam Meeting Report and Automatic Clam AntiVirus Database Updates + lots more. —————————————————————————Debian Weekly News Weekly News – November 15th, 2005————————————————————————— Welcome to this year's 46th issue of DWN, the weekly newsletter forthe Debian community. Members […]

IBM's validation of Ubuntu is a victory for Debian

Newsforge has assembled some comments about the Ubuntu DB2 certification, amongst these some praise from Ian Murdock. Read the full story here.Quote: The IBM validation is a big step for Ubuntu, Debian Project Founder Ian Murdock said. A lack of support for independent software vendors (ISV) has been a historical weakness of Debian-based distributions, but […]

Ubuntu continues to bolster OSS profile in business

The Ubuntu Partnership Program seems to catch on nicely in it's base country South Africa. The program is presented and commented here. Quote: In South Africa, reception to the idea has been generally positive. A snap survey by Tectonic last week found that most South African businesses listed on Ubuntu's marketplace were enthusiastic about the […]

Linus's World

MIT Technology Review has made a piece about how Linus Thorvalds “got his groove back after a mini-insurrection among Linux insiders.” The BitKeeper-story starts here Quote: As for Torvalds, he sees it as yet another tribute to the power of brutal honesty. “On the Internet, nobody can hear you being subtle,” Torvalds says. “I'll happily […]

Delegation in the Debian Project

Branden Robinson has written a small memo about the issues of using Delegation according to the Constitution of the Debian Project. From the debian-devel-announce-list: The Constitution of the Debian Project specifies a decision making processknown as “delegation”, which the Debian Project Leader can use to spreaddecision-making authority throughout the Project. Historically, this power hasbeen underused […]

Short review of Kubuntu

Boston Herald, anyone? Indeed they do seem to like Kubuntu in this short review. They don't write much about it, but:Quote: In this reviewer’s testing, it was more stable than Windows. Over a couple weeks, it froze only once. And for many applications such as word-processing and e-mail, it was faster than Windows mainstays Word […]

Free Linux CD's – are they used?

Nathan Willis gave away 8 sets of Ubuntu Hoary CDs and now tries to track down the recipients 2 months later to see if they actually tried to use the CD's. Watch the results here. Quote: Closing thoughts Of course, history does not end at the two-month mark. Sixty days from now, all or none […]

Nexenta and Debian licensing

DebCentral has written a small overview of the issues with the Nexenta/Solaris/Debian GNU/Linux licensing controversy. You can check it here. Quote: Well there is one major problem; licensing. As we know the GNU and Debian tools are mainly GPL or similarly licensed, the Solaris kernel is covered under Sun's own CDDL, which makes incorporating openSolaris […]

Distrowatch Weekly News again about Debian

There's comments about Nexenta and SUSE tools for Debian in the weekly news from Distrowatch. You'll find the small mentions here Meet yast4Debian Quote: While many SUSE users have been taking advantage of Debian's popular APT utility to install applications from third-party repositories, it seems that there are also some Debian users who would love […]

Review of Dapper Drake

If it can't become early engouh for you, there's now a review of Ubuntu 6.04 – or rather alpha preview! Read the story here! Quote: So, all in all, Ubuntu was found to be another nice and capable Linux distribution. I don't understand all the big hoopla surrounding it. It's nice enough, but I just […]

Debian Installer etch beta 1 released

Joey Hess has proudly announced the first beta release of the installer for Debian! The Debian Installer team is proud to announce the first betarelease of the installer for Debian GNU/Linux Etch. Improvements in this release of the installer include: * Debian testing (etch) is now installed by default, instead of sarge, and features several […]

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