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Interview with Branden Robinson

The Italian TuxJournal has made an interview with Branden Robinson, Debian Project Leader (in english!).
The long interview starts here.


3) Why a person could move to Debian? What are the advantages? What could he do with Debain? And what he couldn't in place of other GNU/Linux distributions?

I think a person would move to Debian because they want to enjoy power over their computing experience. Every package in the Debian GNU/Linux system has source code available so that a user with adequate knowledge can customize the operation of the computer to suit individual tastes. This power comes not just from the free licensing of the system components, which most other GNU/Linux distributions approximate, but also from the existence of our very large and vibrant user and developer communities. One characteristic that sets us apart is that we are self-organizing and democratic; that means that any person can join up and become a guiding force in our society.

I did so myself, joining the Project in early 1998. I didn't even consider back then that I could or would rise to a leadership position; I simply did the best work I could, engaged with my fellow developers, and learned over time how to contribute in increasingly better ways.

Debian has no so-called “benevolent dictator”, nor do we exist merely at the sufferance of a corporate entity. Debian is no longer unique in these respects; over the past couple of years we've seen other GNU/Linux distributions organize themselves along similar principles. I'd like to think this is because Debian has been demonstrating the value of this organizational approach for 12 straight years.

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