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Review of Edubuntu

Rarely seen – has reviewed Edubuntu and concludes that there's still some work to do to make it work for non-technical parents.
Read the review here at their site:


Edubuntu still has some work to do. If the Edubuntu project expects parents to install the system themselves, it needs to streamline the installation process, or eliminate the need for installation altogether. And it needs to work with the Gnome team to tweak the interface to make things a little more intuitive for young minds. The system also cries out for interactive tutorials that can introduce kids of various age levels to the features and capabilities. And additional parental controls would be a very good thing for those parents who need them.

Once these issues are worked out, Edubuntu should prove a powerful force in the family personal computer market. The low cost of the system and software – i.e., free – makes it ideal for families and for distributing to students. Between Firefox, OpenOffice, and the suite of multimedia applications included, Edubuntu guarantees that the system has everything to offer a kid as she grows from occasional Web surfer into a full citizen of the digital age.

You can bet I’ll keep tracking this product as it matures. I have high hopes for Edubuntu. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to order a faster secondary computer…

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