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Intel notebooks for needy Debian developers

Andreas Shuldei announces that Intel is so generous to provide Debian with ten notebooks, which the Debian Project would like to give to developers in developing countries.
Intel is so generous to provide Debian with ten notebooks (besides
some server hardware), which we would like to give to developers
in developing countries who

- are technically able,
- are dedicated to Debian,
- would be able to contribute more/better to Debian with this
- would not be able to afford a computer, otherwise.

If you know such a person, please let me know ASAP. I would like
to have recommendations from others about this person and would
need a list of things that person works on in Debian. Given the
thin web of trust in those parts of the world it would not be
required for this person to be a Debian Developer, eventhough it
would help.

The shipment would happen domestically, so no customs would need
to be payed. Please provide the full shipping address, along with
the recommendation.

If we receive more then ten recommendations (which i hope for)
the Intel representative responsible for Debian would select the
receipients of the notebooks.

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