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Bug-squashing in Debian this weekend

David Moreno has announced that there will be a bug-squashing party in Guadalajara, Spain – even if if you not there, you can help out!
(This mail has been shameless copied from another by Hanna M. Wallach).

Hello, dear developers. This weekend the second edition of Debconf-es [0]
will take place in Guadalajara, Spain, and we will be holding a BSP during
the weekend (mainly on Friday and Saturday). The RC bug count [1] is going
down, and we want to keep it as low as possible, so it is time to make a
party before Christmas!

The main goal of this weekend's BSP is mainly to encourage DebConf-es2
assistants who haven't previously attended a BSP to get involved, but any
other newcomer will be welcome. If you've never participated in a BSP, this
is a great time to start — there will be lots of people around to answer
questions, and plenty of bugs for all levels of of experience, skills and
time commitment. First time bug-squashers should read Steve Langasek's
“Squashing Release-Critical Bugs in Debian: A Primer” [2]. Steve also has
several useful links [3], which are worth reading in advance of the BSP.

Technical Information

The second C++ transition, aka library renaming to c2a, [4] seems to be almost
over. KDE 3.4.3 has been changing its dependencies much faster than before,
and few packages do not have their dependencies updated. While
uploads for the C++ library renaming should be the priority for
non-maintainer uploads (NMUs) during the BSP, it would be extremely
useful if non-DDs would work on filing bugs about the C++ transition,
instead of submitting patches for previously reported bugs.

During the BSP, we will use a 0-day NMU policy. This means that
uploads that fix RC bugs that are more than a week old can be uploaded
directly. However, if you feel unsure about a patch, perhaps because
the patch is rather invasive, do ask to any Debian developer if you are in
Debconf-es2, or on #debian-bugs (on for review, or upload to
the DELAYED queue [5,6] to give the package maintainer some time to respond.

Finally, everyone should consider reading the mails by Colin Watson and Pascal
Hakim about the latest bug-tracking system features [7,8] before attending
the BSP.

[0] (only in Spanish)

Thank you in advance,

– Network engineer Debian Developer

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