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Ubuntu and GenieOS (aka DebianPure) in DW

This weeks edition of Distrowatch Weekly covers the question of whether Ubuntu is too dumbed down and includes an interview with Robert Tolu of GenieOS, the former DebianPure.
Here's about that dumb Ubuntu thingy.

Ubuntu is not just a distro for beginners – it's got enough advanced features to keep experienced Linux geeks happy. Perhaps the developers have gone too far in their attempt to “dumb down” their OS so as to make new users feel welcome.

And here's the GenieOS interview


DW: GenieOS seems to have garnered quite a following among the DistroWatch readers even before its listing on this web site. Can you briefly describe the project and highlight the most important differences between GenieOS and Debian? What was the motivation behind developing GenieOS? Who is the target market?

RT: The initial response surprised me. I even ran out of bandwidth a couple of times, but I coughed up the cash and kept the ISO online directly until the mirrors were set up.

No differences exist between Debian and GenieOS other than the name and the fact that GenieOS includes a few plugins not derived from the Debian repositories. All I have done with GenieOS is taken the sarge installer and added pre-seeds, simple scripts, and the appropriate Debian packages. GenieOS is not a fork, rather an easy means to setup a Debian desktop.

The target market consists of all those users who enjoy the Debian derivatives, but wish they were both free and fully compatible with the Debian repositories. I created GenieOS for my own personal use, but figured why not share my installation tool with the community.

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