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An Evening with Jeff Waugh

Linux Journal has spent an evening interviewing Jeff Waugh about Ubuntu, Gnome, different utilities and the meaning of life.
Read the long interview here.

Jeff said that with Ubuntu there is no sandpit, “we build, ship, support together” and “there is no enterprise glass ceiling”. So, you can get involved in the Ubuntu community as a volunteer. Or, if you prefer, you can set up a commercial relationship with the Canonical company.

As for structure, Mark Shuttleworth, the founder and head of Canonical, is known as SABDFL–self-appointed benevolent dictator for life. Normally, his word is law. Below SABDFL are the Ubuntu members, people who have contributed to Ubuntu; and the teams, groups of members who are dealing with specific areas, such as the kernel. Furthermore, there is a code of conduct that basically requires that “everyone be nice”. The technical board tries to make sure the right technical decisions are being made.

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