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DCC and the enterprise world have had a look at the hopes and potential consequences for the DCC Alliance. Read the story here.Quote: Burton Group analyst Gary Hein said although Debian is a great distribution it doesn't have traction in the enterprise compared to Linux distributions by Red Hat or Novell/SUSE. That said, Hein said he was encouraged to […]

Housekeeping in Ubuntu

Call it the vital hint&tips, call it essential houskeeping – here's a small article full of good things to do in Ubuntu. The article is found at linuxhelp Quote: I call it essential housekeeping because it is not exactly a problem, but only a matter of finding out how to get the necessary support. Here […]

Review of Edubuntu

Rarely seen – has reviewed Edubuntu and concludes that there's still some work to do to make it work for non-technical parents. Read the review here at their site:Quote: Conclusion Edubuntu still has some work to do. If the Edubuntu project expects parents to install the system themselves, it needs to streamline the installation […]

Debian Stabilizing the Linux Landscape

This article in LX'er praises the Debian project for their lack of financial interests and independency. Read the interesting story here:Quote: Just go back up a few paragraphs and look at the Netcraft chart. That tells you something about Debian. The people who hoist Internet services onto teh Intra-web, go with Debian. I feel grateful […]

DSL 2.1r1 on old Laptop

Tuxmachines put DSL 2.1r1 to the ultimate test: An old laptop! It passed. There's a nice overview of 2.1r1 with the review here Quote: But how would it perform on such a low resource system? Well, overall, most excellent. Most light applications, like emelfm, Ted or xpaint opened within a few seconds. Dillo took about […]

What is it About Ubuntu?

This interesting piece at xyzcomputing investigates why Ubuntu has become so popular, so fast! Read the analysis here.Quote: One very interesting aspect of Linux on the desktop is the popularity of each different distribution. Each version has a number of fundamental similarities with the others, but certain changes are made to each in order to […]

Debian Weekly News 49/2005

The weekly news is upon us – with Final Debian Conference 5 Report and C++ Transition Status Update and much, much more. —————————————————————————Debian Weekly News Weekly News – December 6th, 2005————————————————————————— Welcome to this year's 49th issue of DWN, the weekly newsletter forthe Debian community. Roland Stigge [1]planned to file bugs againstpackages that provide no […]

DCC 3.0 released

The DCC Alliance have released version 3.0 of their common, standards-compliant Debian core to serve as the basis for DCC Alliance member distributions. The announcement is right here Quote: “The release of DCC 3.0 is a major milestone in our organization's brief history, and tangible proof that through intense collaborative effort, members with diverse objectives […]

International Debian work meetings in Extremadura

Andreas Schuldei has announced that the region of Extremadura have offered to host a number of work meetings for debian during 2006. The good people of one of the larger Debian deployments in theworld (80k+ debian boxes) have generously offered to host anumber of work meetings for debian during 2006. Please take your time to […]

Debian-centric websites – what should we do?

DebCentral & & a couple of more Debian-centric websites have been discussing collaboration – what do you think could/should be done? You can read the entire post at DebCentral and make a vote for what you want or even better comment on it. Let us know what you think, so we can make a […]

Installing Xen 3.0 on Debian Sarge

Steve at has posted yet another usefull guide – this time it's about Xen 3.0. You can enjoy it here while you install….. Quote: Getting started with Xen can be a little confusing, partly because there are several unfamiliar terms used in the documentation, and partly because of the complexity of actually installing it.

One more review of DSL 2.0 has reviewed Damn Small Linux and it very impressed by it. Here's the review. Quote: Then, there are those distributions like Damn Small Linux (DSL), which may sound like it's just a neat trick, but which is actually darn useful.

Damn Small Linux 2.1RC1

Those DSL developers works 26 hours per day! The first release candidate for 2.1 has arrived. Read the announcement:Quote: Change log:1. Improved SATA boot time support (see f3)2. USB 2.0 boot time support fixed typo3. Torsmo replaces asmem, wmcpuload, & wmnet to better support both window managers.4. Ted replaces Flwriter5. Updated xtdesk improved dragging when […]

MEPIS fixes HP driver issues

A short message on the MEPIS support website announces that they've fixed the problem with HP drivers. The announcement says: Quote: An updated version of the HP Linux Printing and Imaging System is now available in the MEPIS pool. If you have a newer HP printer and have had problems, upgrade the hplip package and […]

Debian keeps growing on servers!

Netcraft: “Debian is currently the fastest growing Linux distribution for web servers” See the sweet statistics here. I know you can read it at the link, but I simply have to post it here! Quote: Debian is currently the fastest growing Linux distribution for web servers, with more than 1.2 million active sites in December. […]

ARM SBC-maker courts Debian hackers with discount

LinuxDevices has posted an article with comments on yesterdays announcement of support for Debian ARM. The announcement is found here and the comments on LinuxDevices here. Quote: The last two stable releases of Debian, Sarge and Woody, have both featured ARM ports. However, the perception that the ARM few users is threatening to squeeze the […]

Support StrongARM development

Vincent Sanders announces an offer to make CATS boards available to Debian Devlopers to speed up development of the Debian ARM port. Greetings, In recent times the Debian ARM port has had a few problems which wehave mostly put behind us; the big endian port has certainly beeninteresting and added some fresh impetus to the […]

Executive by Day Ubuntu Developer by Night

LXer Fabio Marzocca is a living proof that talented people can make a contribution to global technology even when the corporate maw would eat them up and spit them out. Read the entire article here Quote: LXer How did you get involved with Linux, and Ubuntu in particular? Fabio: I have a typical “experimenting” approach […]

Interview with Branden Robinson

The Italian TuxJournal has made an interview with Branden Robinson, Debian Project Leader (in english!). The long interview starts here. Quote: 3) Why a person could move to Debian? What are the advantages? What could he do with Debain? And what he couldn't in place of other GNU/Linux distributions? I think a person would move […]

MEPISLite 3.3.2-1 rc1 ss more Debian standard.

MEPISLite 3.3.2-1 rc1 has been uploaded to the testing subdirectory at the MEPIS Subscriber's Site. It's expected to be final in December. Read the release note here. Quote: The updated MEPISLite has been synchronized to Debian Sarge. Some of the included applications are KDE 3.3.2, KOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird, Amarok, Kplayer, Skype, and a good assortment […]

Ubuntu big time in Macedonia

In the Macedonian schoolsystem, Ubuntu is being deployed on 5.000 computers – here's a follow-up on how it goes. Quote: When the Republic of Macedonia decided to deploy Linux in 468 schools and 182 computer labs nationwide, they chose GNOME on an Ubuntu distribution. Arangel Angov met with Darko Arso, Technology Integration Manager at the […]

Ubuntu no 26 of PC Worlds best products of 2005

Firefox won – Ubuntu 5.04 is number 26! You can see the list for yourself. It's the higest ranking Linux-distribution – I couldn't spot anyone else on the list?

Remix the 14 Debian CDs to 2 DVDs

Here's a smart how-to to change your 14 CD's of Debian to 2 DVD's using Jigido. You can see how to do it here. Quote: A few months back I downloaded the fourteen i386 Debian Sarge CDs. I burnt them all to CD. On installing Debian (and subsequent installation of software) I found myself doing […]

DebConf5 Final Report released

Fabian Fagerholm has released the report from Debconf5 – enjoy the impressions from the conference. Hi, After several months of work, the DebConf5 Final Report has beenreleased. The report is intended for a large audience, and includesimpressions and facts from the conference. Whether you were there ornot, we hope you will find the report an […]

Henry and Ubuntu – part II

Henry The Adequate finishes his…..errr… of Ubuntu. I think he likes it very much! Read the entertaining story here. Quote: ConclusionThis Ubuntu 5.10 may be one damn fine operating symptom, but it doesn't seem to contain any plans to soviet nuclear facilities, and it won't play my, um, instructional videos. Also it caused my friend's […]

Using the root account on Debian

O'reillys LinuxDevCenter has made an article/how-to about the absolute power on your Debian system: The root account. Read about some of the things you can do and the best way to use it right here. Quote: There is one user account on your Debian system that has the power to change anything: the root account. […]

Ubuntu Instructional Videos

Chris Del Checcolo and Ricky Hussmann has created a couple of instructional videos of Linux….using Ubuntu. You can watch them here: Ubuntu Linux / Windows Dual Boot Instructional Video Installing software on Ubuntu Linux This was originally spotted on The Fridge

Monitoring your networks

Debian-Administration has made a small how-to on using Nagios to monitor your network traffic. Read the usefull guide here!Quote: Nagios is a powerful, modular network monitoring system that can be used to monitor many network services like smtp, http and dns on remote hosts. It also has support for snmp to allow you to check […]

Damn! This is one small Linux Distribution

Linuxhelp have blogged a review of DSL 2.0 and Ravi the reviewer is utterly impressed! Read the blog/review here. Quote: Damn! damn! damn! I can't stop taking the 'damn' word since I tried DSL (Sorry dad). This distribution truly showcases the power of the GPL which made the DSL project a reality. I shudder to […]

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