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SimplyMEPIS 3.4-3rc4

SimplyMEPIS release candidate, version 3.4-3 rc4 adds some last minute fixes to the current build. Maybe this is the last RC… Read the announcement Quote: SimplyMEPIS release candidate, version 3.4-3 rc4 adds some last minute fixes. We plan for this to be FINAL. Further changes will be handled with in-line updates that will be available […]

Debian and Ubuntu: The keyword is freedom

I don't know how I missed this, but has an overview article about the Debian and Ubuntu relationship. Read the article here Quote: There is a vision in my mind. It envisions a sphere of all debian based distributions sharing absolute and full compatibility with Debian base and each other in full respect. In […]

More rumors about Google and Ubuntu

Titled “Google at work on desktop Linux”, speculates in what Google is up to with the Goobuntu distribution. Update: Google denies the rumors. Read about it here. Quote: Google has confirmed it is working on a desktop linux project called Goobuntu, but declined to supply further details, including what the project is for.……However, entering […]

My desktop OS: Ubuntu

NewsForge has an article by a very happy Ubuntu user about his …well…Ubuntu. The story is found here Quote: Even with Ubuntu Breezy's benefits, I can't let Windows go entirely. I still need XP for vertical-market Windows-specific software such as EduTrack for school administration and Calyx for loan origination, and occasionally an interface for using […]

Ubuntu's Missing Batteries

PCWorld has written a small article about a smart tool that provides Ubuntu with all the little utilities and programs it's missing – Automatix. Read it here. Quote: The problem, as I've detailed in previous columns, is that Ubuntu Linux does not come with all its batteries included. For example, the library that makes it […]

ColdFusion 7.x & MySQL 4.1.x

HowtoForge have made an article about setting up ColdFusion 7.x & MySQL 4.1.x on a Debian box. Read the tutorial here. Quote: Why This Tutorial?Because MySQL is one of the best known database solution and a good, powerful and free alternative while working for any kind of application.

It's A Virtual World

Eric Cowperthwaite has setup five different VM's on his Windows laptop (Fedora Core, SlackWare, Debian, DSL and Puppy) using VMware Player. Read about his experiences. I've used Linux for a while now, since about 1996 actually. And, in all of that time, the best and most cost effective way I found to have Windows and […]

Slick New Way to Install Linux

From a web site, a small (30MB or less) ISO image is generated that can be used for a “hands-free” installation using either Kickstart, AutoYAST, or the Debian Preseed autoinstallers. Read about it here – it currently supports Debian, Ubuntu and some other Linux-based distributions: Quote: Users can choose from Fedora, SuSE, Debian and Ubuntu, […]

Should MEPIS potentially switch to the Ubuntu kernel?

Now, this is an interesting one: You can vote your opinion on on whether MEPIS should use the new DCC Kernel, which plans to use Ubuntu sources for the next kernel? Yes, it's asked right here Quote: There's a new DCC kernel in the works and we want your opinion. Warren builds the kernels […]

VMware Player with a Debian VM

As yet another alternative to use Windows and Linux side-by-side, Eric tries the VMware Player with a Debian VM. Read his efforts and findings here Quote: Once I had the Player installed, I downloaded a Debian virtual machine from NetLiving. It's about 1 GB, but NetLiving has pretty good bandwidth and so do I. It […]

Comments to the paid updates of MEPIS

Linux-watch comments that only paying customers can download patches from Technalign's servers for paying customers. With the title: “MEPIS updates for a fee? Get over it!“, I don't think they like it…. Quote: Technalign is just trying to provide some value to their customers so they can get their money's worth, and come back again […]

Vote for release of SimplyMEPIS has setup a poll to get some advice on whether 3.4-3 is ready for release. Make your vote count! Read the announcement here Quote: So, we turn to you for advice. Does 3.4-3 work for you? Do you think it's final? Or do we still have major problems?

Jump to Debian GNU/Linux!

Free Software Magazine has made a guide to why the Debian distro is a good choice. Excellent read. Read the 4-page story here. Quote: There are hundreds of GNU/Linux distributions around, each with its strengths and weaknesses. One that stands out from the masses is Debian. It is the only major distribution not developed (or […]

DCC, Debian and Ubuntu DO work together

This is a bit more positively than what we usually hear from that particular front – they may not agree, but some cooperation does take place. A couple of examples are found here at [dcc-devel] Status of DCC 3.1 January 5 2006 Quote: Joint Engineering efforts:We're now working with Ubuntu in the following areas, kernel, […]

Ubuntu screenshot tour

OSDir have put up a screenshot tour of Ubuntu 6.04 Flight CD 3 Enjoy it here

Debian scrutinizes GPL3

The “Debian top” have had a meeting where they seem to regard GPL3 generally favorably, although some have concerns about exact wording and the implications of some parts of the draft. The story is covered at Newsforge Quote: Besides Branden Robinson, the Debian Project Leader, Debian members at the meeting included Don Armstrong, Benjamin Mako […]

MEPIS distributor implements serial number system

Technalign, said it plans to implement a serial number system for the retail version of MEPIS that will prevent unauthorized users from downloading free updates from Technalign's repository servers. Charming. Read about it at Newsforge Quote: MEPIS creator Warren Woodford said that he won't be supplying Technalign with ISOs with serialization integrated until after MEPIS […]

Thinkpads with Ubuntu pre-installed

Linuxemporium has begun shipping IBM/Lenovo Thinkpads with Ubuntu 5.10 pre-installed. Their site is here. Quote: We sell four basic models of the legendary Thinkpad, all pre-built with Linux: * R series for value – no frills mobile computing * T series for power – when you want the power of desktop computing, but mobile * […]

Choosing a Linux distribution

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols has tried to give an answer to the question: “Which Linux should I use if…”. He likes Xandros, but also mentions SimplyMEPIS and Ubuntu. Read it at Quote: I want to run Linux on an older machine. There are many great lightweight distributions, but I keep coming back to MEPIS's MEPISLite. […]

DSL 2.2 rc1

those Damn Small Linux-folks just keeps updates comming – the first release candidate for 2.2 is here. Read the announcement here Quote: Change Log for DSL-2.2RC1.1. Updated dmix – added sync button for easy volume control.2. Updated Wallpaper.lua now has color chooser for background color.3. Updated pcitable to correctly support Broadcom b44 module. 4. New […]

UbuntUSB – Ubuntu on a stick

Hmmm… have to pay for it, but it seems a good idea to be able to install Ubuntu to an USB-hard drive. Read it here at Quote: Is UbuntuUSB sanctioned by the Ubuntu team? “We are in a co-marketing position, to promote the operating system with the licensing staff of Ubuntu,” Darbonne told […]

Screencast tour of Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 r1

The title says it all – enjoy the show at LinClips. The nice pictures are here.

Trying to profit by retailing MEPIS

Technalign is trying to profit by retailing MEPIS and NewsForge has made an article about how it goes. Read it here at NewsForge Quote: ….Ursini went looking for a new distribution to fulfill her vision. She found MEPIS. “I tried it, and I was blown away,” she says. “I approached Warren and told him it […]

Debian weekly News 04/2006

The 4th DWN is here – read about Draft GPLv3 released, Debian on LVM2 on RAID and Helping the Debian GNOME Team. —————————————————————————Debian Weekly News Weekly News – January 24th, 2006————————————————————————— Welcome to this year's 4th issue of DWN, the weekly newsletter for theDebian community. The Debian listmasters have decided to [1]revokeposting permission to a […]

Having Windows and Linux co-exist

Eric continues his work to help a Windows-user convert to Linux and now shows her a more gentle way to do it. The first blog on the problem is here. But now Eric checks a LiveCD to see if that helps: Quote: I think another issue was that I should have just said, straight out, […]

Call for papers for Debian Day, May 13th

Margarita Manterola has issued a call for papers for the Debian Day just before DebConf in Oaxtepec, México. The annual Debian Developers Conference for 2006 (DebConf6) [1] will beheld in Oaxtepec, México, from May 14th 2006 to May 22nd 2006.Immediately preceding the conference, a seperate event, “Debian Day” [2]will take place (Saturday, May 13th). Debian […]

Keeping many Debian servers up to date with apt-proxy

It's been a while since we had a goodie from – here's how to keep many Debian servers up to date with apt-proxy You can also check their feed on our left column, but read about apt-proxy here. Quote: Maybe, like me, you've got more than one Debian box on your network – either […]

Changes at DebCentral

Our friends at DebCentral has announced that changes and improvements are on the way on their site – they now have clear Guidelines and a Constitution to work from. Check if their site is something for you right here. – they're looking for support. Quote: So, now we will no longer be tripping over ourselves […]

It’s an Ubuntu world

Free Software Magazine has examined why (K)Ubuntu is so popular and written a short article about it. Read it here Quote: ConclusionWith all its features, versions and usability, Ubuntu might just be a fad worth checking out. Each of these Ubuntu-based system’s installers fit on a single 700MB CD and will install on almost any […]

SimplyMEPIS 3.4-3rc3

RC3 of SimplyMEPIS 3.4-3 has arrived and will hopefully cure a lot of the issues that have been with RC1 and RC2. Check the announcement at Quote: It is hoped that SimplyMEPIS release candidate, version 3.4-3 rc3 addresses the remaining major issues reported by the test community. Look for it in the testing subdirectory […]

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