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Moore's Law and Ubuntu – the geek's best friends

At Callahan's Cleveland Diary the is a clear declaration of love for Ubuntu and it's usefullness.
Read the blog entry here


But here's the part that's got me all atwitter: Ubuntu loaded without a hitch, and is running at very acceptable speed, on two donated Dell Pentium II computers, each with less than 200 mhz of RAM, that I got from a local business donor last Wednesday. The only special effort required was finding and installing a Linux driver for the Dells' integrated Crystal sound cards (I needed help from a Linux cognoscentus for that… but only the first time.) In the PC recycling world that's a walk in the park.

Friends, trust me, this is a big deal. A major barrier to digital inclusion for low-income people in Cleveland and elsewhere has just come down. Microsoft licenses just became a non-issue.

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