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(K)Ubuntu review

In yet another Kubuntu/Ubuntu review, DesktopLinux understands the beauty of them, but still find that they don't quite fit the reviewer's needs.
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Still, when I get down to it, I find other Linux distributions like SUSE Linux 10 and Xandros 3.0 to be better desktops. As an experienced Linux user, I appreciate that they give me easy access to the kind of control I want to have over any of my systems.

For a new user, I also still find MEPISLite or SimplyMEPIS easier to approach. For my money, I also think that the best introduction to Linux is still Robin Miller's Point & Click Linux!, which comes with a copy of SimplyMEPIS.

Finally, Kubuntu, as I'm finding as I fight my way toward a Web server, really isn't a server distribution. You can try to make it into one, which is what I've been doing, but with distributions like OpenSUSE, why bother?

Better still, of course, would be to use SLES (SUSE Linux Enterprise Server) or the like. But Kubuntu, like OpenSUSE, is free, which SLES certainly is not.

So, while Kubuntu may not be for me, with a zero price tag and as much free software as one could possibly ever want a mouse-click away, it certainly is worth a look from anyone who's serious about giving Linux a try.

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