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Damn Small Linux 2.1 has been released

After three release candidates, version 2.1 of DSL is released.
The release announcement says:

Well, we have 31 improvements for DSL 2.1. It has been a big effort involving several members of the community. On the interface side we have a lot of nice Lua-FLTK tools including an icon management and settings tool by Robert and a very handy UCI mount/unmount tool written by Mikshaw. Robert also revised a bunch of his scripts including the wordview GUI and our 'System Stats' GUI.

And then the changelog


Change log for 2.1
01. New SATA boot time support (see boot time f3)
02. New Icontool GUI controls many icon features.
03. New docked.lua – Lua dock apps – mount and dMix replace and
04. New mount.lua – Lua GUI disk mount tool.
05. New dMix = Lua GUI sound mixer.
06. New ucitool.lua – Lua GUI lists UCI mounts & allows easy deinstall of
07. New Torsmo replaces asmem, wmcpuload, & wmnet to better support both
window managers.
08. New Ted replaces Flwriter.
09. New .xpdfrc – to support direct printing from Xpdf.
09. New links – Lua links download wrapper.
10. New added Thai keyboard support.
12. Updated xtdesk improved dragging when double click enabled.
13. Updated busybox – new commands, dpkg, mknod, rpm, rpm2cpio, time,
uuencode and large file support.
14. Update filetool.lua GUI – added NONE option to skip backup/restore.
15. Update wordview.lua GUI – added file chooser for *.doc.
16. Update System Stats GUI – added more views and better font.
17. Updated Calendar – supports year and full page printing Calendar.
18. Update pendrive_usb install scripts – optionally display all sd type
19. Updated extended ramdisk to use swap only if not using 'toram' option.
20. Updated formula for better use of ram when using 'toram' option.
21. Updated for new default display in fluxbox.
22. Updated .bash_profile for user 'dsl' at runlevel 3.
23. Updated man – now uses wget/less instead of links.
24. Updated USB 2.0 boot time support fixed typo.
25. Updated jwm menu – added missing tools section and general cleanup.
26. Updated scripts for restarting xtdesk icon manager.
27. Updated boot error when trying to boot dsl embedded via cdrom.
28. Updated Mountpoint function to correctly handle multiple mounts of the
same device.
29. Updated umounting UCI type extensions while running Fluxbox.
30. Updated emelfm – icons would appear even when 'noicons' was choosen.
31. Moved DSL version number to System Stats.

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