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Debian Review

It's been a while – but at they have reviewed Debian!
The review starts here.



Overall, I am very happy with Linux and the freedom from EULA's and also customization it provides. I am glad that I will not ever again (If I so choose), not have to worry about product activation and lost serial numbers. I am also glad that I will never have to pay again. As you use Linux, you become accustomed to the file structure and the way things are run but it takes some time and patience. The file structure of Linux can be indeed very complicated when compared to Windows. The whole OS takes some getting used to, it's not gonna happen over night. Remembering commands and such can take a long time.

I often find myself needing a reminder of how to do some simple things. The best thing I found to do was make your own “FAQ” of how to do things and store it on your desktop so you can refer to it when you forget what to do. A friend suggested I do that and I am very grateful for it. I just wish I remember what friend it was.

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